After a long search, I am finally able to locate this. Saying that, I still don’t understand the reason why this is not available anywhere. Is it because that it was the only one which was militarily resisted incorporation into India that all the good and legacy related to this kingdom is wiped out from the memory? I never say Nizam is a great king. But there are some things which placed his name in the annals of history, which we are expected to know – The first country to issue postage stamps having wording in four scripts, one of the only two countries to issue stamps without the country name on the stamps, India’s first government owned airlines, renovation of Ellora and Ajanta caves and many such.

Ta abad khaliq-I-alam ye riyasat rakhe
Tujh ko Osman basad ijlal salamat rakhay
Jaise to fakhr-I-salateen hai bafazal yazdan
Yun hi mumtaz tera daur-I-hukumat rakhay
Al o aulad ko allah de umr-e-khizri
Unse abad tera khana-e-daulat rakhay
Jod-e-Hatim rahe sharminda-e-ahsan tera
Adl-I-khusrau ko khijal teri adalat rakhey
Khandazan surat-I-gul tere hawa kha rahen
Ake qadmo pe adu farkh ita’at rakhey
Ban ke saqi tere Iqbal Nizam-e-sabay
Tujh ko sahba kash khumkhana ishrat rakhay.

تا آباد خالق-ا-علم یہ ریاست رکھے
تجھ کو اسمان بصد اجلال سلامت رکھے
جیسے تو فخر-ا-سلاطین ہے بفضل یزداں
یوں ہی ممتاز تیرا دور-ا-حکومت رکھے
ال و اولاد کو الله دے امر-ا-خضری
انسے آباد تیرا کھانا-ا-دولت رکھے
جود-ا-حطیم رہے شرمندہ-ا-احسن تیرا
عدل-ا-خسرو کو خجل تیری عدالت رکھے
خاندان صراط-ا-گل تیرے ہوا کھا رہیں
اکے کدمو پی ادو فرخ اتا’ات رکھے
بن کے ساقی تیرے اقبال نظام-ا-سبے
تجھ کو سبھا کش خمخانہ عشرت رکھے

May the creator bless the kingdom till eternity
And O! Osman, keep you sound and healthy,
And make you live with dignity for a hundred years.
By the grace of God you are the pride of rulers.
May the Almighty keep your rule illustrious.
May God grant long life like khizr to your children
And maintain the continuity of your noble descent.
May the proverbial Hatim’s charity pale before yours
May your sense of justice surpass even that of Khusro
May your wellwishers glow like the full blown flowers
And your enemies acknowledge your superior prowess.
O! Osman, make your tavern an abode of joy and ecstasy