Kathua – On the March from Humanity to Vulture Politics

India is a tricky country. With all it’s cultural contradictions, outrages and societal issues, India still works as a single cohesive entity. The vastness and diversity is just mindboggling. There are agendas and there are forced marriages. Some people want more than what they have, some people are happy with what they have. Sometimes, things turn into a caustic, vicious, targetted campaign. If that meets with an agenda, we are going to see some serious trouble. It’s not as if India never seen such. The country saw many such but it came out of every of them literally unscathed.
Take for example, a recent occurence, the supposed rape of an eight year old girl in Jammu, in a place by name Rasana, near Kathua. What is the case, what happened, all of that is of a later consequence. Suddenly, three months after the crime, the news erupted on the world stage in a sustanined campaign lasting for a few days before it almost disappeared from the world. So, what is it all about?
A Single Death is a Tragedy; a Million Deaths is a Statistic – Stalin
Somewhere in the mid of January, a girl disappeared. Two days after her disappearance, her family filed a police case. Two or three days after the disappeance, they find her dead body thrown away somewhere. A regular crime – one of the likes of the lakhs of disappearances. And if it is a rape crime, it is no more than the 19675 child rapes anywhere in India(2016 statistics) – this is a major issue regarding safety of girl children and there should be no reason to make this particular case a focal point, and as expected, it was not made a focal point.
The local investigation concluded that a juvenile in the village with some character issues kidnapped the girl in a lust crime and hid her in their family barn. He caressed her, but didn’t rape her – when he attempted to rape her and when she threatened to complain to her parents, scared, he bashed her head and killed her.
That should be the end of the story. But, it didn’t. Why is it different from the 20000 odd crimes in India? The state is Jammu and Kashmir, the death happened in Jammu and the person killed is from Kashmir. An overtly Kashmir leaning government sensed an opportunity in this. It rejected the initial investigation report and sent a crime investigation team, not from Jammu where it happened, but from Kashmir. One of the main members of the investigation officers himself was once an accused and arrested in murder of a boy and rape of his minor sister. The case takes a drastic turn now. It’s no more a lust crime, but it is a hate-crime conspiracy where half of the village is implicated in rape and murder of the girl so that the community the girl belongs to – a tribal nomadic community which is based generally in Kashmir. The investigating officer of the first investigation himself is made an accessory, the juvenile who is arrested, his uncle with whom he is staying, he is made the lead conspirator and his son who studies somewhere in Meerut is arrested for rape of the girl, the rape happening inside a temple. Even now, it shouldn’t have become an outrage. And it didn’t.
The villagers protested and wanted a CBI enquiry, not a biased state enquiry. The women of the village sat on a fast unto death. When they were near death, they were forced into a hospital. It was supposed to become an outrage at this time. Nothing happened even then.
The polcie decided to file the charges in the court. Whole of Jammu erupted over that. Slowly but steadily, the issue has turned from a lust crime to a hate crime conspiracy to a demographic invasion of Jammu. There are three different complaints from the people regarding this – settlement of Kashmiris, settlement of Rohingya and making life tough for people of Jammu. In the meanwhile the government issued a directive(which was incidentally stopped by the courts) that nomads can occupy government and forest lands. The main settlers will be Gujjars and Bakerwals, mainly Kashmiri Muslims and constituting 11% of the total population of the state.
Remember, Arab Spring started when a street vendor committed suicide on police abusing him. A trivial incident which led to the toppling of some of the most stable governments in the area. Half of the Arab world is in chaos today because of that single incident.
May be, the harrassing of the villagers in Rasana broke the restraint in the people of Jammu. All of this crystalized into a massive protest with the lawyers disallowing filing of charges in the court and along with that, protesting against everything they are holding a grouse against. Some ruling BJP members also supported it. Suddenly, it caught the attention of the country. Everything was obfuscated and it was blared at the top of the voice that Lawyers prevent charges to be filed against rape accused and BJP supported it. A massive campaign was created, and according to some sources, orchestrated – Bollywood, Press, everyone started saying we want justice. Everything else was drowned in that cacophony.
The accused also asked for justice for the poor girl. Besides that, they are also asking for a fair trial. Everyone started talking about how BJP is supporting the rape accused. Parallel to this, another incident caught the attention of the media – another rape case involving a BJP MLA. Now, these two fused together and helped create a unified movement – BJP supports rapists and Hindus are rapists. By the way, there were two other major incidents – one from Bihar and another from Assam, but no one bothered about them. A few days after this when the movement was at it’s peak, two more incidents came – one from Jammu and the other from Kerala, but no one bothered even about them.
No one, not even once, thought of questioning whether the facts they are quoting are sacrosanct. Did anyone go and visit the village where the incident happened? No. Did they go and check if the chargesheet is watertight? No. Did they ask why are the protestors in favour of a CBI enquiry holding Indian flag? No. When the Forestry Minister resigned, he said, Geelani threatened Kashmir will burn if there is a CBI enquiry. Why will Kashmir burn if CBI checks whether the girl is really raped and if raped, is raped by those people? Or is he hiding something?
And then, the vulture politics began. Information over all other cases was suppressed. Some were ready with placards, some were ready with atrocity literature, all pointing to the fact that they want justice to the girl(which is fine) and that the incident happened inside a temple. Too subtle a hint!! Repercussions started. There are rumours of Hindu exodus from parts of Kerala. Hindus are being specifically targeted as rapists and this is being crystallized into an anti-Hindu protest. FIRs are filed against some people who collected money in the name of providing succor to the family of the deceased but siphoned off. It’s a field play for all the vested interests till the outrage fizzled off towards a new issue. The outrage is not confined to India. Protests were organized and funded across the countries. As like during Nirbhaya episode, India is again shown as the rape capital of the world.
The question one should really ask is, what triggered the outrage against a three month old news? Who orchestrated the protests and the hate campaigns? How did they gain the attention of the people? What did they achieve out of this? How did it fizzle off? Why was the demand for a CBI trial completely obfuscated? While BJP on the ground is supporting the protests, BJP in Delhi is supporting the government? What’s the meaning of this clash of interests?
Sometimes, I really feel, do we want justice for that poor girl, who was killed? Or are we just using her as a front to further our agendas, whatever they are? This reminds me of an old poem I wrote –
Vultures vultures vultures everywhere,
Waiting for the carcasses to feed upon
We wait for an opportunity and gloat on it
And then feast upon the bodies with glee
Is it of a Hindu killed in a terror attack,
Is it of a mercenary raiding our lands,
Is it of an aggressive and noisy neighbor,
Is it of a government flexing strong arms
It doesn’t matter us, what the carcass is,
Till we have a carcass to feast and enjoy
We will feed noisily, we won’t let dispose –
Where is relevance without vulture politics?
Let the masses be turned off by what we do,
Let the governments be discomfited and outraged,
Let our political fortunes dip by the day,
We don’t care, we have our carcasses to feed.


Delving into the Mind of a Safe and Secure Kashmiri who is Funding disturbances in Kashmir Valley

There was a recent discussion with some friends which made me jog down memory lane, about a discussion I had with a Kashmiri Muslim at the peak of the stone pelting drama. For some surprising reason, I was very aggressive that day and the consequence was, our Kashmiri friend slunk away into his hole again. My point is simple and straightforward – why are you funding people to pelt stones while keeping your family away from all harm? What are you getting by burning others’ families by funding a mercenary movement? His hypocrisy can be shown clearly with the below set of tweets.C9nwah3UQAEEerS.png

The whole discussion is below, removing the expletives and the atrocious spelling mistakes from our dear friend.

Kashmiri Muslim(KM): Shame on Indian army. They lost morale on the ground & all people here too. How u are expecting Kashmir as your integral part?
Myself(Me): Just don’t forget that you are mercenaries pelting stones at Indian army for money. Had you done it for a cause, we would have respected you.
KM: If you can give your life for Rs500 then I will agree what you are saying!!! I will give u Rs500 just come on street & risk your life!! Will you?? Please Kashmiri people don’t need money they want freedom from illegal occupation
Me: If you want to prove there is at least one with conviction & not a mercenary, burn your degrees, resign your job and go back to protest.
KM: Protest is on either by pen or Stone. Kashmir issues is to be resolved as per UN Resolution. I hope u even don’t know about it. I did my degree for myself & for future of my Kashmir not for you. Degree I have are from Kashmir University.
Me: So, you have confirmed it now. Why risk my luxury & safety when there are people ready to throw stones for me for money? Do you even know what the resolution is? Or are you parroting what your masters are saying? Read the resolution first and then comment. What is Kashmir but another timepass? I will throw money to burn it but I will be out of it while it burns. My life and my family should be safe. The colours are off. Kashmir is my side business, luxuries in life, primary. Who cares who gives me a degree, a job? I will never leave them.
Sitting cozily in an apartment, spewing all garbage online, why would you want to…And they have the guarantee army can’t fire back because of the ruckus you create. Why would I, when we have sufficient mercenary foot soldiers in the Ghetto you call Kashmir Valley to do your dirty work?
KM: Don’t forget during Ramadan beggars from India visit to Kashmir & we feed them. They earn 1000RS per day. You visit Kashmir & see how settled we are.
Me: If there are mercenary funders like you who bite the hand which feeds money will flow. Wonder why only Muslim beggars…any agenda? Be it Geelani, Fake Mirwaiz, Bandarbi or anyone and even yours. You don’t fight. You fund and burn others’ houses to do your dirty work. And if she is injured, ask that pest Geelani why is he burning other’s houses while keeping his safe. Who in his family is leading protests? The next time, govt gives some aid, reject it. Shameful that you proud mercenaries are bailed out by Indian Army in floods & avalanches. I see your profession. You don’t want to be an Indian but you want Indian education and jobs? And I am correct in stating you are a funder. Instead, bend your backs and start working, You will at least get self respect. And what sort of parents you are? We take care of our children. You are using them as mercenaries for money. And same for the rest. What the hell are they doing on roads during curfew? The lust for money is that overpowering? Ask the parents of the girl who allowed her to go on roads during curfew. What the hell is she doing then? Buying chocolates?
KM: You are now building toilets in India but in Kashmir, our bathroom size is bigger than your house! If u need donation or job visit here.
Me: Yes…it’s bound to be. After all, the houses you are staying are looted from KPs which you occupied shamelessly. Tell me how many KPs are killed by your mercenary brethren. Separate those numbers. And of your numbers, at least 70% are killed by your ilk
KM: The atrocities committed by india in IOK plus the hatred that have for us is enough to say Kashmir was never part of India
Me: Kashmir ended in 1846. It’s a part of Jammu from them. Ladakh and Baltistan were won, Kashmir was sold like vegetables. By the way, don’t you know that Kashmir is just another piece of real estate bought with looted money and two goats?
KM: There is a big cause & the cause is freedom from illegal occupation & Freedom from murder, rapes, custodial killing that India did in Kashmir
Me: By the way, going by your tone, it’s clear that you are not the one throwing stones, you are one of those who fund the stone throwers. Adieu. Go and throw stones, stay in houses with broken windows shivering and spend all your life doing nothing. You are not even worth our time. Your ilk don’t have any moral depth and a fake sense of nationalism which washes away in a flood and is enhanced by money. They will do anything for money. You people are just pawns in their game of blood and deceit. That makes Burhan Wani and his employer, the AIDS patient mercenaries. May be you don’t know, that fraud Burhan Wani who shivered his pants out when faced with imminent death is a paid employee of Hizb?
When will you learn that there is no Kashmiriyat? It’s nothing more than politics. Someone will throw money on your faces, you pick stones. You don’t get that Abdullah II, Geelani, Fake Mirwaiz and all are keeping their families safe while burning yours for money. How long will you live in denial? Demonetization proved that these jokers are working ONLY for money. You may be in denial but we aren’t.

On a serious note, this is exactly the governments should tackle – this rebellious nature, their interest in funding rioting, easy availability of money in the name of freebies given by India. When the whole of India is working hard for their money, it just doesn’t make any sense for us to maintain freeloaders, that too, who don’t even recognize the territorial integrity of India. Removal of a handful of troublemakers is going to make massive difference in Kashmir. Saying that, Kashmir no more looks like a serious issue to sort out.
1.Any protester should be given two options – blacklist in Kashmir for 5 years or a life elsewhere in India
2. Split J&K into two – Kashmir and Jammu and Ladakh.
3. J&L will scrap off 370 and let it be there in Kashmir.
4. The peace and development leaps and bounds, Kashmiris will migrate towards Jammu and the new state naturally blocks them. They themselves will fight for removal of 370 in Kashmir.
The valley goons should know what India gives. And note, by making a news blackout in Kashmir and deportation, Pakistan’s influence is going to come crashing down

Lingayat Religion – Is it worth it?

One day, I was travelling in a double decker bus and was seated in the front seat, just above the driver. There was a person sitting on the footpath with his dog. He suddenly sprinkled some grain before the bus. A pigeon flew towards the grain only to be crushed by the bus. I still remember the cracking bones even after all these years. That fellow nonchalantly picked the dead pigeon to feed his dog after the bus left. When I read about the separate religion for Lingayats, the first thought I had was that of that poor pigeon. It’s the bribery Lingayats are offered before throwing them under a bus.
Now, coming to the crux of the debate. What is Lingayatism? In two words, it’s a form of Siva worship, where worship is done to Nirakara Siva as Ishta Linga which they wear. They follow the teachings of Basavanna and Sharanas who rejected the scriptures and scorned idol worship in favour of Nirakara Siva. The fundamental difference between Lingayats and other sects of Siva worship is just this thing – rejection of scriptures and idol worship, an indication that it’s a religion tuned for the masses – rather than going for the scriptures and elaborate rituals of idol worship, follow the simply understandable Vachanas written by the elders of Lingayat cult and pray to your personal Siva Linga.
This has turned out to be a double edged sword in the current polarised environment – is it a sect tuned for the uneducated masses or is it a rebel strain of Hinduism, and should be treated as a new religion?
The way Lingayats co-existed with other Veerasaiva sects, it is but obvious that Basava and the Saranas simplified Hinduism to be more practical for the masses and not rejected Hinduism per se.
Now, what exactly will the Lingayats gain if they get a new religion beyond an exotic tag, practitioners of Lingayat religion? Literally nothing. They will be classified as a minority, but note, they are no more a minority than Parsis or Jains who don’t have any special benefits whatsoever. They will be under the ambit of RTE exception, but that is only for a handful of Lingayats who run schools. Lingayats are OBCs and SCs. Once they are out of Hinduism, number of jobs available under these quotas will increase. They will demand a separate minority reservation, which a party like Congress, which knowing it is impossible, will still accept it, just to make the life of their successor a mess, alienating Lingayats permanently as a vote bank. Other castes will get more jobs and Lingayats will be thrown under the truck for a while.
Besides that, Lingayat reservation will fail in courts – Ramakrishnaism is a precedent for that. But, by then, Lingayats will lose everything. Veerashaivas will see to that Lingayats won’t get jobs as Hindus; rioting between VeeraSaivas and Lingayats has already started, in two words, the fault lines created will be massive. And then, will they prefer to co-exist or will they act belligerently like the Ambedkarite Buddhists, creating a simmering permanent undercurrent?
Who is to benefit out of this? Congress which wants to win the elections. For that, it needs to break the vote bank of BJP. Looking at Yedyurappa’s tweet, it is but obvious the party is trapped. If it supports, it alienates the Veera Saivas, if it opposes, it will alienate the Lingayats.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 23.22.38.png

BJP will abide the decision taken by Akhila Bharata Veerashaiva Mahasabha. He’s requesting them to call for an immediate meeting, hold discussions with scholars and intellectuals with respect to the recommendation made by the state government.

And BJP is obviously angry.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 23.22.01.png

Now, coming to the conspiracy theories. This is a Christian game of Breaking India forces. The debate of a separate religion for Lingayats is started by a christian missionary Channappa Uttangi and parallels are drawn with the way Sikhism is weaned out of Hinduism. It’s upto you to decide what’s the truth in that.

But, whatever the case, this is going to create further demands for fragmenting of Hinduism for vote bank politics, unnecessary and unwanted social tensions. Every party with interests in a better India should introspect sincerely if these fault lines are worth a few votes.

Anti-Human Trafficking Bill – Chinks in it’s Armour?



Two days before, the Central Cabinet passed the anti-Human Trafficking Bill aiming to curb human trafficking. A laudable effort. As I understand, this bill aims at punishing the offenders and rehabilitate the victims. It will cover everything – setting up of constitutional bodies, setting up of protection houses, punishment for the rule breakers. But, still, I have some open questions.

The biggest question I have got regarding this is, if there is a need for a temporary rehabilitation, where will that be? Will it be in a government maintained entity or a private one? This raises very serious questions after what happened near Chengalpattu in Tamil Nadu. A certain St Joseph Hospice is facing serious charges as we speak when an ambulance of theirs was intercepted after an old woman in it screamed for help. When the van was opened, it was found out that the lady was being forcibly taken against her will along with another old man, a dead body and vegetables.

Below is an account of the same, given by @Ethirajans  on twitter –

Suspected organ trade! St. Joseph Hospices’s ambulance held with an elderly woman’s dead-body, locals complain that said hospices allegedly kidnap orphaned elders n kill them for organs! Hospices administration claims no foul play, dead-body in their “Fake” Ambulance along with an elderly man was very much co-incidental! But why did the driver abandon the vehicle upon being stopped by villagers? The elderly man & woman rescued by the villagers from St. Joseph Hospices’s FAKE ambulance claim to have been held captive by the home for days, and was locked inside the ambulance with dead bodies. St Joseph Hospice shocker! Govt officials find more than 50 rooms with cold storage facilities, elders are brought from various parts, being tortured, killed, bones extracted, improper disposal of human-body remains causes health issues, locals complain! As per reports, over 3000 bodies improperly disposed, most of them were North Indians, Hospice does not admit locals and those who have relatives, nor locals are employed! Dead bodies are kept in concrete coffins with sieve like setup, which are attached to a tunnel, fluids from decomposed bodies reach the tunnel, bone remains are removed by hospice for trade! With 1500+ age old “sick” inmates, #StJoseph hospice does not have a single resident Doctor! A massive scale of organ loot is on for years, how did our State/Central Intel agencies give a miss to this for these many years? As per @PTTVOnlineNews report, inmates say they were forcibly brought to hospice and confined there against their will, what is the need? Why were they forcibly brought? What kind of motive/hatred do you think they have against #StJoseph hospice?


Very serious allegations indeed. What sort of checks and balances are we going to have to ensure that these sort of things don’t happen? And in spite of that, if these things happen, who will be held accountable? And will the organization be shut down or that particular branch?

Next thing is, what happens to cross-border infiltration, which, technically is also human trafficking? Take the case of the Bangladeshis and Rohingya who are given a chance to move into India in the hope of a better life. Are they getting it, who knows? There are two categories of this, again – human trafficking and illegal migrations. Most of those who enter India get their papers made before they enter India.

It was Mohammad Ehsan (name changed), a Bangladeshi national, who was apprehended by BSF personnel late in the evening for crossing the border. He had fake documents which had been prepared by a tout from Bangladesh. Ehsan told me that he was from Satkhira district in Bangladesh and had entered Gojadanga with help from the same tout, to seek medical treatment for his chronic back pain. He didn’t seem ill going by his inconsistent statements and robust appearance.


In the lure of a better life, they are entering India. It’s impossible to distinguish between both the categories. How exactly are we going to deal with these people? Will these people come under the purview of this bill? Can it be argued that deportation, which actually is the policy, should be superseded by providing rehabilitation to these illegal entrants, there by legalizing their entry? And who would want a repatriation back to their native country after this happens? The biggest set of such people with which India is facing problems today are Bangladeshi and Rohingya. Technically, no Rohingya entered India – all those entered India, entered through Bangladesh. And without papers, how do you decide that they are not illegal Bangladeshi, but Rohingya?

Both of them can become very powerful tools for those vested interests. May be, such sort of issues (illegal migrants and cross border smugglers, erring private rehabilitation homes, to be more specific), which will be devastating to the national psyche should be addressed first, before bringing in such a law?