Lets see what happened here…A person who is criminally convicted is not eligible to contest in elections is what Supreme Court of India said on 10th July 2013. Rajya Sabha passes a bill unanimously on 27th August(in less than two months) scrapping it. 
Supreme Court says, since he is in a jail, he can’t vote. If he can’t vote, he can’t stand in elections
Law Minister says, even if he is in jail, he is on electoral rolls. So, he can contest in elections. 
This is just a subtle difference and play of words. 
There are a few questions here –
1. A member of Rajya Sabha is nominated, not elected. If yes, can we have it as a retirement post for a Lok Sabha MP who’s career is over?
2. Is it morally correct for a person who lost elections in Lok Sabha(popular mandate) enter as a nominated member to the Parliament?
3. By definition, Rajya Sabha is expected to contain subject matter experts who will aid and suggest the decision making process of the Lok Sabha. If yes, why are we having party politics in Rajya Sabha and why are we seeing politicians shuffling between Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha?
Forget about all. I won’t even say anything at all if Parliament is full of criminals or whether everyone is clean as a slate. What I want to say is this – if needed, a house of Parliament of India is capable of passing a bill in no time. In that case, why is the Parliament dilly dallying in matters related to national importance, or say, in the other bills? Is it that they are unable to guage the gravity of them? Or is it that they are not concerned of it?