I am just one of those Jack of all trades identifying what I am a master of for ages. I am interested in almost everything from quizzing to linguistics to religion to advanced sciene to literature.

I am trying to find out some really good books in Sanskrit on some topics. Will you help me out by filling this form?

What’s your selection of the best book in Sanskrit on the topic given below?



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      1. Sorry. I wanted to use your website as a source for my social studies project. I use a site called “EasyBib” to help me cite sources in MLA Format. I didn’t know what to write in the author section.


  1. I want to use your translation of Jung-e-Azadi. But I find only the url of your blog. May I have your name so I can cite you as the translator. This is an academic essay and I do not want to go in for plagiarism. If you want you can email me at


  2. There is this letter dated 16/17 August 1952 written by Maharaja Hari Singh of Jammu & Kashmir addressed to President Rajendra Prasad available on your website. Could you please identify the source of this letter. This is very important for my forthcoming work. Regards.


  3. Sir, this is a student from NIT Warangal. I’m currently residing here itself in Prashant Nagar. Is it possible to meet you?


  4. The talk of Subramanyan Swamy you have reproduced in your blog is based on a tape-recorded talk in March 1993. Is there some way to prove that this is authentic?


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