Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham – Message over CoronaVirus


The world is facing a serious challenge because of an epidemic by name Coronavirus. Citizens of many countries are affected by this epidemic. We are praying that all those people will recover soon and become healthy, and that no new person should be affected by this Virus. Even in our country, both the government and concerned citizens are facing challenges in identifying, controlling the spread and making people aware of the effects of the virus.Experts are of the opinion that, because this virus spreads rapidly on person-to-person contact, congregations should be avoided. Hence, till the epidemic is controlled, we should restrict our prayers and religious aspects to within the four walls of our houses. We should make cleanliness a target to achieve. In these critical times, everyone should pray not just for them but for the whole mankind and for the welfare of the world. In Prashnottara Malika, Bhagavadpada says that the most exalted wealth is health.

This epidemic is affecting the day-to-day life and economy in a devastating manner. The whole populace should stand firm behind their governments in their effort to tackle this menace. We are praying the lord to save humanity from this menace soon and are giving our benedictions in the name of Lord Narayana to all those who are helping humanity and protecting them from the virus, especially the doctors and other medical staff, support ecosystem and volunteers for serving humanity at this critical times.

Iti Narayana Smriti.

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