I have two djinns to guard me all the time,
One male djinn and one fat female one,
Or are they two male and none female,
I was never bright to know what they are

They guard me from Evil Pinki in Mirror
They hide her so that no one sees her grin
But now, they issued a notice for strike
Evil Pinki sees me now, and I am scared

I don’t know why the djinns left and where
They didn’t tell me their demands and needs
But they left – I am scared – really scared
I spent all day with Evil Pinki sneering at me

How much I longed for them, I prayed for them
They won’t listen, they will never come back
Now I am coughing dry, with pain in chest,
Longing all the time for my two dear djinns.

Immu is a duffer, his master a soulless monster,
His master doesn’t allow him a second with me
I am scared and crying, coughing all the time,
Did I contract the virus, am I going to die today?

I am angry at Immu’s master – I infected his wife
His wife is coughing like me, and screaming
Immu’s master now spends his time with her
Leaving Immu to act a monkey to make me laugh

Immu is funny and adoring, but he is not my djinns
He can’t stop the Evil Pinki peering from mirror
He can’t defeat the Chinese Virus and cure me,
He is just Immu, not the fat djinn or the lean one.

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