The fountainhead of Islam is Saudi Arabia. But, the sort of undercurrent of suport you see for Pakistan in India, you don’t see it for Saudi Arabia? If it has got to do with an Indian culture, why not Bangladesh or Afghanistan? Why do some people in India bond with Pakistan and not with other countries and sometimes, bond with Pakistan even more than India?
The question then, is, what is Pakistan? Is it a country? Is it an idea? Is it an opportunity?
If there is an invasion/rebellion in a country, the old guard fortifies itself in a corner and tries to bounce back at the next opportunity. That is what Pakistan is all about. It’s not a country. It’s the current refuge of the glorious Islamic Empire of India which will bounce back eventually after the defeat of the occupying forces.
India is a Muslim ruled country(well, not the whole of India but vast swathes of the country and the central government which identifies itself as India is Muslim) for almost a millenium and it was a rough transition from Muslim to Hindu to Christian/British, all happening in a matter of 50 years. Even after that, the British acknowledged Islamic superiority, at least name sake, for another 50 years. But, when it was clear that the power will be handed to Hindus and not Muslims from whom the power was taken, it was a rude awakening for the Islamic intelligentsia of India that they can never claim the power in India – the sort of power they enjoyed in India at the height of Mughal rule. This, slowly took two different forms – Pakistan Movement and Ghazwa-e-hind.
While Pakistan Movement is about a separate homeland for Indian Muslims according to their Islamic way of life, Ghazwa-e-hind is about reconquest of India from this temporary retreat.
A combination of the both means it’s a matter of time Pakistan conquers India and re-establishes the days of glory of old. And this is further cemented by the fact that India preferred to be secular – meaning it allowed Muslims to stay back. Whatever the influence, there are bound to be some Muslims/some Muslim areas(the best example bring Hurriyat or the recently banned Jamaat-e-Islami or SIMI) which want the days of glory and look up towards a Messiah – Pakistan. Thus the ready availability of fodder material and ground support even at unexpected places.
And as like in many other cases, the solution to the problem is in the problem statement itself. It’s upto us to have the will to fix this.