There was a recent discussion with some friends which made me jog down memory lane, about a discussion I had with a Kashmiri Muslim at the peak of the stone pelting drama. For some surprising reason, I was very aggressive that day and the consequence was, our Kashmiri friend slunk away into his hole again. My point is simple and straightforward – why are you funding people to pelt stones while keeping your family away from all harm? What are you getting by burning others’ families by funding a mercenary movement? His hypocrisy can be shown clearly with the below set of tweets.C9nwah3UQAEEerS.png

The whole discussion is below, removing the expletives and the atrocious spelling mistakes from our dear friend.

Kashmiri Muslim(KM): Shame on Indian army. They lost morale on the ground & all people here too. How u are expecting Kashmir as your integral part?
Myself(Me): Just don’t forget that you are mercenaries pelting stones at Indian army for money. Had you done it for a cause, we would have respected you.
KM: If you can give your life for Rs500 then I will agree what you are saying!!! I will give u Rs500 just come on street & risk your life!! Will you?? Please Kashmiri people don’t need money they want freedom from illegal occupation
Me: If you want to prove there is at least one with conviction & not a mercenary, burn your degrees, resign your job and go back to protest.
KM: Protest is on either by pen or Stone. Kashmir issues is to be resolved as per UN Resolution. I hope u even don’t know about it. I did my degree for myself & for future of my Kashmir not for you. Degree I have are from Kashmir University.
Me: So, you have confirmed it now. Why risk my luxury & safety when there are people ready to throw stones for me for money? Do you even know what the resolution is? Or are you parroting what your masters are saying? Read the resolution first and then comment. What is Kashmir but another timepass? I will throw money to burn it but I will be out of it while it burns. My life and my family should be safe. The colours are off. Kashmir is my side business, luxuries in life, primary. Who cares who gives me a degree, a job? I will never leave them.
Sitting cozily in an apartment, spewing all garbage online, why would you want to…And they have the guarantee army can’t fire back because of the ruckus you create. Why would I, when we have sufficient mercenary foot soldiers in the Ghetto you call Kashmir Valley to do your dirty work?
KM: Don’t forget during Ramadan beggars from India visit to Kashmir & we feed them. They earn 1000RS per day. You visit Kashmir & see how settled we are.
Me: If there are mercenary funders like you who bite the hand which feeds money will flow. Wonder why only Muslim beggars…any agenda? Be it Geelani, Fake Mirwaiz, Bandarbi or anyone and even yours. You don’t fight. You fund and burn others’ houses to do your dirty work. And if she is injured, ask that pest Geelani why is he burning other’s houses while keeping his safe. Who in his family is leading protests? The next time, govt gives some aid, reject it. Shameful that you proud mercenaries are bailed out by Indian Army in floods & avalanches. I see your profession. You don’t want to be an Indian but you want Indian education and jobs? And I am correct in stating you are a funder. Instead, bend your backs and start working, You will at least get self respect. And what sort of parents you are? We take care of our children. You are using them as mercenaries for money. And same for the rest. What the hell are they doing on roads during curfew? The lust for money is that overpowering? Ask the parents of the girl who allowed her to go on roads during curfew. What the hell is she doing then? Buying chocolates?
KM: You are now building toilets in India but in Kashmir, our bathroom size is bigger than your house! If u need donation or job visit here.
Me: Yes…it’s bound to be. After all, the houses you are staying are looted from KPs which you occupied shamelessly. Tell me how many KPs are killed by your mercenary brethren. Separate those numbers. And of your numbers, at least 70% are killed by your ilk
KM: The atrocities committed by india in IOK plus the hatred that have for us is enough to say Kashmir was never part of India
Me: Kashmir ended in 1846. It’s a part of Jammu from them. Ladakh and Baltistan were won, Kashmir was sold like vegetables. By the way, don’t you know that Kashmir is just another piece of real estate bought with looted money and two goats?
KM: There is a big cause & the cause is freedom from illegal occupation & Freedom from murder, rapes, custodial killing that India did in Kashmir
Me: By the way, going by your tone, it’s clear that you are not the one throwing stones, you are one of those who fund the stone throwers. Adieu. Go and throw stones, stay in houses with broken windows shivering and spend all your life doing nothing. You are not even worth our time. Your ilk don’t have any moral depth and a fake sense of nationalism which washes away in a flood and is enhanced by money. They will do anything for money. You people are just pawns in their game of blood and deceit. That makes Burhan Wani and his employer, the AIDS patient mercenaries. May be you don’t know, that fraud Burhan Wani who shivered his pants out when faced with imminent death is a paid employee of Hizb?
When will you learn that there is no Kashmiriyat? It’s nothing more than politics. Someone will throw money on your faces, you pick stones. You don’t get that Abdullah II, Geelani, Fake Mirwaiz and all are keeping their families safe while burning yours for money. How long will you live in denial? Demonetization proved that these jokers are working ONLY for money. You may be in denial but we aren’t.

On a serious note, this is exactly the governments should tackle – this rebellious nature, their interest in funding rioting, easy availability of money in the name of freebies given by India. When the whole of India is working hard for their money, it just doesn’t make any sense for us to maintain freeloaders, that too, who don’t even recognize the territorial integrity of India. Removal of a handful of troublemakers is going to make massive difference in Kashmir. Saying that, Kashmir no more looks like a serious issue to sort out.
1.Any protester should be given two options – blacklist in Kashmir for 5 years or a life elsewhere in India
2. Split J&K into two – Kashmir and Jammu and Ladakh.
3. J&L will scrap off 370 and let it be there in Kashmir.
4. The peace and development leaps and bounds, Kashmiris will migrate towards Jammu and the new state naturally blocks them. They themselves will fight for removal of 370 in Kashmir.
The valley goons should know what India gives. And note, by making a news blackout in Kashmir and deportation, Pakistan’s influence is going to come crashing down