Seriously, I don’t get what Nehru thinks some times.

Nehru’s attempts to replace the name of Jammu and Kashmir to Kashmir, even after knowing that Kashmir is a piece of real estate bought by the king of Jammu. And the way Sheik Abdullah was preferred – ashamed. He was made the leader because he ruled the roads, not because he has the majority in Praja Sabha. No wonder Kashmir is still burning today. Gopalaswami Aiyangar, forwarding the changes, says,

Now, this Assembly has not been in existence since then. It exists perhaps on paper; but it is dead. In October 1947 accession took place. Soon after that took place, the Maharaja set up an emergency administration the head of which was Sheikh Mohammed Abdulla, the leader of the most popular party in Kashmir. In March 1948, he substituted for this emergency administration what he called a popular interim Government, consisting of a Council of Ministers.

And the Prime Minister, the person who represents the Government as also the largest political party, he is in our opinion, the best person to make recommendations the Ruler who will nominate on such recommendation.

And Prof K T Shah’s counter

You must not overlook the agitation that was started in February 1946 whereby a responsible party or the leader or the responsible party had started a campaign of ‘Quit Kashmir’ and in consequence thereof events developed and created all the difficulties that have since ensued. I do not like this House to be a party to anything that might look as if it was a surrender to one man’s wishes, that nothing can be done until the Maharaja is removed or complete power is handed over to him. Whether or not he holds the complete confidence of all the people of Kashmir has yet to be proved. I am aware that he may have a large following; but at the same time, it you want proof beyond the possibility of doubt, there is no reason why you should not send invitation for an election even under the limited franchise that is prevailing.

Then, we see a diatribe from Nehru castigating the Praja Sabha. But, he doesn’t answer the primary question – is the leader of the mobs who rule the streets the real representative of people? I seriously don’t understand what he is thinking. On one side, he flays the Praja Sabha and on the other side, he says many of those who came here, came from such flawed Sabhas. So, what exactly is the problem with Kashmir? Is it that Sheik Abdullah will be shown his place? It looks like his preference is Kashmir, with the concession Kashmir and Jammu. Wonder why is he that bent on promoting Kashmiri identity over the historic realities…If he claims to be a Kashmiri, it makes him partial and his views invalid, actually.

in a sense, I belong to Kashmir more particularly than to any part of India. I have been connected with the fight for freedom in Kashmir and I know about the various groups, various people, various individuals from the Maharaja down to number folk there. And so, if I venture to say anything in this House, I do so with far greater authority than Prof. Shah can presume to have on the subject. I speak not as the Prime Minister, but as a Kashmiri and an Indian who has been connected with these matter. It amazed me to hear Prof. Shah propose that the so-called Praja Sabha of Kashmir should send representatives to this House. If Prof. Shah knows anything about Kashmir, he should know that there is nothing more bogus than the Praja Sabha in Kashmir. He ought to know that the whole circumstances under which the last elections were held were fantastic and farcical. He ought to know that it was boycotted by all decent people in Kashmir. It was held in the depth of winter, to avoid people going to the polling booths.

I admit that it is not desirable for any Members of this House to come by nomination or be selected by some narrow process; but unfortunately many of us here, from the States I means, have not come exactly as we should have liked them to come. They have been sent, partly by nomination, partly by election, by election again, by bodies which are not often properly constituted;