It’s an interesting piece – telling the way of life in the kingdom they are going to go, and the demands of those who are sending them.

Next day, Lengdon sent for Khunlung and Khunlai. They made preparation to come. They put on embroidered coats and cloths on their bodies. The messenger escorted them. They advanced slowly and came to the palace  of Lengdon. They saw Lengdon sitting on his ten graded throne. They saw Laokhri and eight lakhs of gods there. All the gods were sitting encircling Lengdon. Then Khunlung and Khunlai knelt down before the throne of Lengdon and greeted him. Lengdon, then said “There is no one of my family to rule the countries Mungteu and Mungtam The countries are not properly ruled. The strong oppress the weak. They live on cultivation. They are unable to distinguish right from wrong. I therefore, give you the rule of the countries. Both of you must rule the wide countries peacefully. You will take tributes from the people, your grandfather named the elder of you Khunglung and the younger Khunlai. Both of you must rule the countries without quarrel, O, grandsons! I give you the necessary things. Wherever you may rule you should follow moral rules. I give you Chumpharungmungshengmung. In the days of yore, Phalaibet sent down the idol with Phabutrung-shangdam. With the power of the idol, Shangdam proved a successful ruler. He worshipped the idol according to rules. Now, I give you again the idol, you will be able to rule the countries well by worshipping the deity. You should see Chumpharungmung, once a year being attired in godly dress. I give you Thaomung and Khrumungnyeu with you, whom you must never disregard. When the month Dinsham comes, you should select an auspicious day and wash your bodies. You, then, attire yourself with pure dresses and taking water purified by incantations, proceed to the temple of Chumpharungmung without having had your meal in the morning. When you reach the temple, you most kneel down before the altar of the God and pay your homage. Then open the covering of the box cud have a look at Chumpharungmung. After taking out the idol, wash it with holy water. You should drink a quantity of the water. After this, you better keep the idol in the box shutting the covering. Never allow any body else to have a look at the idol I give you this advice and you must never disobey my instructions.” Thus Lengdon finished his speech.

Jashingpha then rose up and said to them “Your grandfather, the Lord of Heaven is going to send you down to the earth to rule over it. In the olden time, Shengngaokham was sent down to be ruler of the wide country. This prince did not like to be king. The country fell in great disorder. Innumerable number of persons met death fighting with each other. In the olden time Phalaibet created the whole world. He made three beings, who came out of the eggs, the Lords of the great world; and gave them necessary instructions. Them three

beings became Lords of the seven worlds. In course of time they lost their names. We, now, wish to send you down. We all bless you. At the end of a year, you worship in by sacrificing an elephant. Next year worship no by killing a cow and a buffalo. We bless you to be undisputed kings. Your grandfather, the Lord of Thunder, desires to send you down to rule the earth. We wish you to govern the earth with prudence. We wish, you will not forget our advice. When the month Dinha comes and all sorts of flowers, the wild orchids and Shengpha flowers begin to blow you most select a any and offer annual sacrifices to the gods and worship them. Lengdon with all the eight hundred thousands gods will descend to the earth and take your offer of annual sacrifices with them. Then your kingdom will remain safe. All of us send you to the earth, where there is no king. Once the wide country of Khunkum was in disorder. Then Lengdon, the Lord of heaven, sent down Shengngaokham to be king there. He could not rule the country well. He did not care to follow the instructions given by the great Lord Lengdon. The country was, therefore, in great disorder. Khraikham ruined the country Mungklang. There is no descendant of God in Mungklang. Now your grandfather, Lengdon, wishes to send you down to Mungklang. You should never forget the instructions now given.”

Lengdon said thus again, “I give you this sword which you must place in the middle of your Council hall. You should, then, see to what direction the sharp edge of the sword remains. You must greet the sword seven times kneeling before it as homage to Lengdon. Both of you should join in the ceremony. I send down the sword which will destroy your enemies, I give you Chumshengrung. You should greet the gods touching the ground with your head. The image of Chumpharungmung is in the shape of a heron. I, your grandfather, wish to see you become king. There are innumerable number of people in the country. The country is full of Tais and slaves. They can not distinguish right from wrong. There they are in the habit of taking other’s property and wives by force. They steal each other’s property. No one is punished for his crime. The males and females are not beautiful to look at. No one takes any notice of the origin of a girl whom he may take as his-wife. They speak an unintelligible tongue. You must be careful to pay attention to my words and not act contrary to them. If a person commits a crime, don’t kill him at once without fair trial. Cleanse him if he offers a feast by killing a cow. You must confiscate all his properties. A Bailung Pandit will sprinkle incantated water on him with Durba-grass. All of you, then, bless him. If you find a person having unlawful intercourse with the sister of his mother or of his father, or, one depriving his father of his property by force. you must drive him away from the country. If you do not punish such a person, others will be demoralized by his example. If that man comes back again to his village, force him to offer a feast by killing a cow. His all things, even including cows, should be taken from him. Then he will be cleansed of his sin. There are peoples of various communities on the Earth. It is very thickly populated. You most rule with a firm hand. I advise you to do justice. If any person comes to you, you must converse with him and feast him. I send you down with these essential advises. The Tai are dwelling there. The country is not good. If any of them lives by oppressing others, he should be sent to exile. If he wants to clear himself of the sin, he should sacrifice three white buffaloes, four white oxen and some hogs to gods. He should also give a feast by killing cows and buffaloes. He should make offer of gold and silver to the Deodhai Pundits. He must ask pardon from all kneeling down. All his properties are to be confiscated. He should also greet you. He will, then, be cleared of his sin. In Munglung there are no pure things. If any body robs his mother or if an elder brother takes his younger’s wife as his, none should have a look at him. If it happens to any body to come across such a culprit he should cast his eyes to the sky. If any body commits rape on his daughter-in-law or on his brother’s wife, his heart should he pierced with the point of a knife. Such sinners are not to be looked at. If they are not put to death, they should be driven to a jungle which is frequented by tigers and bears. If you wish to purify such persons, you most collect all the people and inform Lengdon by sacrificing ten cows. All the holy things are to be collected there and “Shengdeo” too. The culprits should kneel down before the heavenly king. A feast should be given by killing cows and buffaloes. Gifts should be offered to all. The culprits should he allowed to drink a quantity of the water with which Shengdeo be washed. Then he should perform ‘Rikkhvan’ ceremony. After this, he should be stripped off of his garments and allowed to go naked. If a person weds a girl of his own family, he should not be allowed to go with impunity. In order to cleanse off such a man of his crime, gods should be worshipped by sacrificing three cows and some buffaloes. After this, the Deodhai Pundits will bring holy water and offer nine mehengas to the gods. The Pundits in order to purify the culprit, should sprinkle holy water on his body. His whole garment should be taken off and he should be allowed to go away naked. He should relate the story of his crime to the people at large. Anybody mixing with a sinner, may be cleared of his sin, if he offers a feast by killing cows and buffaloes. But those persons who kidnap women and usurp other’s property, should be put to death. Those who commit rape on their mothers, their brother’s wives and daughters-in-law, should be put to death also. The females should not be allowed to be united with other male persons. The hands of the females should be bound together towards the back, and they should be made to pay homage to the gods by falling prostrate on the ground. After this, they are to be cleansed by making them wash their bodies with water purified with holy plants. I send you down to the earth. The people of Mungdun will pay you tributes. You Must not forget my instructions, when you will be the rulers of a wide country. Lengdon wishes you to he great kings and take tributes from all.”