In one word, ASHAMED. My housemaid was asking today morning, why are they celebrating? Who won the match. And when she got to know that the celebrations are for India’s loss against Pakistan, she was very sad.

In such a tense situation, first of all, India shouldn’t play the match. But it played. India being trashed, is it a matter of pride for Indians? Or is it that the celebrations are for Pakistan defeating India? Is that the level of patriotism we have got? Or, does this mean people are not happy that India is cutting down Pakistan to size?

Golwalkar quoted

The law-abiding citizens are told to restrict themselves, and those who are out to indulge in violence are given a free hand to do what they like. This is in a way admitting, though indirectly, that within the country there are so many Muslim pockets, i.e., so many ‘miniature Pakistans’, where the general law of the land is to be enforced only with certain modifications and the whims of the miscreants have to be given the final say. This acceptance, indirect though it may be, implies a very dangerous theory fraught with possibilities of destruction of our national life altogether. Such ‘pockets’ have verily become centres of a widespread network of pro-Pakistani elements in this land. 

That was a different age and that was a different social scenario. Even after 70 long years, why are those comments still relevant? I am not passing any judgements. My question is simple. Why are we in such a situation? Below tweets are a glimpse of what happened after the match. It’s time for us to seriously introspect what is the mistake we are doing.



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