Taken from Rajatarangini, the background of the story is thus. Meghavahana while in conquests, comes across a Sabara sacrificing a person. The king stops him and the Sabara says, to save his infant son, he needs to sacrifice this man to Chandika. The king offers himself in place of the victim. Below is what transpired between the surprised Sabara  and the king.

Sabara: While you strive after over-much tenderness, O lord of the earth! some sort of error of judgement arises in your mind. That which deserves to be safeguarded unhesitatingly, even at the cost of life in the three worlds, your body— how is it that you so easily ignore it, which is nobly fitted for enjoyments on earth? Neither honour, nor reputation nor wealth nor even wives nor relatives; neither the law nor sons do kings safeguard in their thirst for life. Therefore grant this favour O protector of the subjects! do not extend your mercy to this victim and may the boy and all those subjects flourish while you live.

Meghavahana: How can the taste for righteous conduct, which is like ambrosia, interest you denizens of the jungle? The joy of plunging in the Ganga is not known to those who reside in sandy deserts. When with the body which surely is perishable I am preparing to purchase imperishable glory thou, O fool! art waxing obstinate to wash out my aim. Say nothing more! if thou hast an aversion to strike, is not my own sword capable of achieve the purpose?

It’s a simple but interesting discussion. The one who is less civilized thinks material comfort is the most important thing, while the other thinks material life is nothing.

Sanskrit Original

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