Creation according to the Ahoms

In the beginning, there were no gods and men. The world was void and was surrounded by the water of the ocean. There was no air, no animals, no land, no rulers, no countries and no living being. Also, the sun, the moon and the stars did not exist. There was neither the earth nor the heaven. There was only one omnipotent being, the Great God. He remained suspended in the sky like a swarm of bees in a hive. He had no head and no legs to walk. He had no mouth to speak. He resembled a lump of flesh hanging in the sky. Then God thought of changing his shape, otherwise no one would praise his name. Thus a long time passed.

God suddenly opened his eyes and could see nothing attractive and charming. He created a deity, Khuntheukham from his breast. Then, Khuntheukham knelt down before him and waited with joined palms for his orders. He(Khuntheukham) found no prop to lean on nor a seat to sit on. He could not see the sun rising nor day light. Both the Great beings talked together and Khuntheukham extended his body and dived below the seven worlds. He remained there floating on water with his face upward.

A lotus plant issued forth from Khuntheukham’s navel. Then, a crab was created. After this, a tortoise was created. He also created a large serpent which encircled the tortoise. The serpent had eight hoods which he spread to eight directions. Then he made a large white elephant with long tusks. A white mountain was made in the north. Another mountain was created in the south. Then pillars were placed on the tops of the mountains. A rope was made, which was bound fast to the pillars on the mountains(Merus). Then a pair of large golf tinted spiders were created. The spiders as they floated in the sky, let fall their excrements, out of which the earth arose. The earth became nearly one thousand bighat thick. The spiders put eight pillars in eight corners of the earth. They, then, thought of creating the heaven. They went quickly backwards and forwards, like a woman in her looms and joined their webs to the highest summits of the mountains. They finished making of the heaven in the shape of a gold throne.

Then God created a Goddess for his wife and gave her female organ. They copulated. The Goddess laid down four eggs. God ordered one Thaolung to give warmth to the eggs. He gave warmth to the eggs for years and months together but the eggs would not burst. He, then, thought of finding out some means to break the eggs. He brought a quantity of ambrosia and sprinkled it over them. The eggs burst. Then God gave necessary instructions to the beings. He said to his eldest son, “I name you Phashangdinkhunneyu and give you the sovereignty of the earth.” To his second son, he said, “I name you Shengchaphaphakam and make you the chief of eight lakhs of serpents living in water.” Then God named  his third son Shengkampha and said to him, “I put you in charge of eighty lakhs of thunder”. God said to his youngest son, “I name you Ngingaokham. You will have to remain with me to help me in the creation of the world destroyed. You will also be called Phura.” Having thus instructed his sons, god rose up.

In course of time, Shengkampha mistakenly acted against the will of God. He met death and became an evil spirit for his fault. His son Shengkapha became king. He died and became a household deity, who is to look to the welfare of a household. Then, then god looked down from his abode in the highest heaven and saw that the affaris of the world was not going on properly. He said to himself, I sent them all but not a wise and learned being to guide them. One must now be procured. One learned being, named Hunkhamngam was directed to go to the foggy part of the heaven and remain there. He was also entrusted with the writing of Rules and Rites. Another learned being was made. He had wings and his name was Phukao.

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