The Zamorin’s empire at it’s zenith included the whole of the west coast from Kollam to Kollam, that is, from Pantalayini in the Kurumbranad Taluk of British Malabar to Quilon in the Travancore State. In the interior his sway extended as far as the Ghats.

The main seaports are Putuppattanam or Turasseri, Pantalayini, Tikkoti, Kappat, Calicut, Chaliyam, Tanur, Ponnani, Chetwai and Cranganore.

The following were at one time or other the feudatiories of the Zamorin. Literally, they include the whole of Kerala.
(1) Kottayam or Puranattukara
(2) Kurumbiyatiri or the Rajah of Kurumbranad
(3) Bettem or Tanur
(4) Pappu Kovil or Chaliyam
(5) Reppu Kovil or Beypore
(6) Parappu Kovil or Parappanad
(7) Tirumanasseri
(8) Kakkat, Talappalli or Punnattur
(9) Chittur
(l0) Elangallur or Idappalli
(11) Patinhattedam
(12) Patinhattedattu Kovil or Cranganore
(13) Venganad or Kollengode
(14) Perumpatappu or Cochin with its vassals
(15) Parur or Vintanikottam
(16) Purakkad
(17) Vatakkankur
(I8) Tekkankur
(19) Kayamkolam
(20) Venad