A coconut can fall and hit you on the head,
And if it falls from high enough can kind of knock you dead.
Dead beneath the coconut palms, that’s the life for me!
And green jungle and white beaches and the blue South China Sea.

That New York night at Café Lux when Cathy Hart was there,
I knew that I was not prepared, but how does one prepare?
When the coconut that kills you smiles and says, Please, Fred, have a seat –
And feeds you fresh coconut milk to drink and sweet coconut meat to eat.

I learned it was her birthday – which meant of course champagne!
I ordered up the best Lux had with my extinguished brain.
Do not resuscitate the zombie under the coconut tree!
It’s me on my Jet Ski painting a contrail on the blue South China Sea!

Happy Birthday, Doctor Hart.
You stopped my heart.
You made it start.
You supply the Hart part. I’ll supply the art part.