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The priest who, with this, wishes that a Ksattriya should conquer in all the various ways of conquest, to subjugate all people, and that he should attain to  leadership, precedence, and supremacy over all kings, and attain everywhere and at all times to universal sovereignty, enjoyment, independence, distinguished distinction as king, the fulfilment of the  highest desires, the position of a king, of a great king, and supreme mastership, that he might cross (with his arms) the universe, and become the ruler of the whole earth during all his life, which may last for an  infinitely long time, that he might be the sole king of the earth up to its  shores bordering on the ocean ; such a priest should inaugurate  the Ksattriya with Indra’s great inauguration ceremony. But, before doing so, the priest must make the king take the following oath : ” Whatever pious works thou mightest have done during the time which may elapse from the day of thy birth to the day of thy death, all these, together with the position, thy good deeds, thy life, thy children, I would  wrest from thee, shouldest thou do me any harm.”  The Ksattriya, then, who wishes to attain to all this, should well consider and say in good faith all that is above-mentioned

From Aitareya Brahmana – Panchika 8