Matsya Nyaya – A big fish swallows a smaller one. A bigger fish swallows the big fish. An even bigger fish swallows this bigger fish. This goes on till the biggest fish is the master of the lands. Well, this is how consolidation of empires happen but such a tiered structure is a bit hard to find.
Let’s switch to Calicut theatre of operations. Calicut swallowed some smaller fish and tries to swallow some small fish. Valluvanad and Cochin tried to support the smaller kingdoms. Valluvanad is beaten down into inconsequence and Cochin is swallowed. First come Portuguese and then the Dutch. These try to support the smaller fish Cochin. Even they too fail and are almost consumed.
Another big fish is forming at the other extreme – Travancore. It has eaten all the smaller fishes and fell on Cochin. Cochin asked for Calicut help. Calicut is defeated but before it retaliates, Cochin joins Travancore. Round set for a bigger fight between Calicut and Travancore. Both withdraw back because even bigger fish attacked them – Mysore attacks Calicut and Carnatic attacks Travancore. War is going on badly for Calicut. Then, an even bigger fish attacks Mysore – The Marathas.
The level of bickerings between these smaller fishes led to setting up of an even smaller fish, the British, as the biggest fish.