Shri Brajeshwar Prasad : (Bihar: General) : Mr. President, Sir, there are six amendments standing in my name. I would like to move only one, amendment No. 192, List V, Eighth week. Sir, I move:

“That in amendment No. 130 of List IV (Eighth Week), for the proposed clause (1) of article 1, the following be Substituted :

“‘I am opposed to the incorporation of the words ‘Union’ and ‘States’ in our Constitution. There was a bitter and prolonged controversy in the United States of America on the question of the constitutional status of the constituent units.

The Honourable Shri K. Santhanam : (Madras: General) : On a point of order, Sir, we have already passed the Constitution defining the constitution of the States. Therefore, we cannot change the Constitution by a definition.

Shri Brajeshwar Prasad : It is only here, I submit, Sir, that this point could have been raised. The use of the word ‘States’ for the first time occurs in article I of the Constitution. This fundamental question could have been raised only in this clause.

Mr. President: As a matter of fact, the whole of the Constitution has been based on the assumption that there will be separate States, and that those States will constitute the Union. Now, you want to go back on that and say that there are no separate States, it is too late now, I think.

Shri Brajeshwar Prasad: I object to the use of the word ‘Union’. Both these words are inter-related and integrated.

Shri S. Nagappa : (Madras: General) : What is the word objected to?

Shri Brajeshwar Prasad: Have patience. Please permit the Chair to regulate the proceedings of the House.

There was a prolonged and bitter controversy in the United States of America on the question of the constitutional status of the constituent units. It ultimately led to a bloody civil war.

Mr. President : We have, as a matter of fact, fixed the status of the Units in the articles which we have already passed. Whatever status, the States have, has already been fixed.

Shri Brajeshwar Prasad : The use of the word ‘Union’ further aggravates the malady. I will confine myself to the use of the word ‘Union’.

It ended in a bloody civil war. Having due regard to the lessons of American Constitutional history, I submit that the word ‘Union’ should be deleted from the Draft Constitution of India. We have not accepted the use of the word ‘Union’ anywhere in the Constitution.

Mr. President : I think you mean that the use of the word State’ should be omitted.

Shri Brajeshwar Prasad: No, Sir. The word ‘Union’ should not be used.

The Honourable Shri K. Santhanam: We have got the ‘Union List’ which we have already passed.

Dr. P. S. Deshmukh: (C. P.,& Berar: General) : The statement is wrong that we have not used the word ‘Union’.

Mr. President: We have used the word ‘Union’ in so many places in the Constitution. I think it is really too late to re-open that question.

Shri R. K. Sidhva: (C. P. & Berar: General) : We have got the Union List.

Shri Brajeshwar Prasad : We have never discussed the heading of List I. We began with entry No. 1.

Mr. President: The word ‘Union’ occurs in so many places in the articles. I think it is too late now. You cannot move this amendment.

(Amendments 190, 191, 193, 194, 195 and 196 were not moved.)