I have seen a life hard and rough
I have seen a life dull and drab
Though I had a life not too long
I have seen all life can show to one

I was marked by fate and my deeds
Both good and evil, both slow and fast
I was a speck in the cosmic eternity,
But still I existed, on my own terms

Was I good as a son or as a friend,
Was I the better half or the worser,
Did others love me or did they fear me
Or am I such a moron to be tolerated,

I am all past that, I am now the history
An open story book, a message of life,
Of stories good and of stories bad,
Of deeds fair and of deeds crooked

Remember me, assuming if you can,
Remember me, let’s hope I am worth,
Remember me, if not for what I was
But for how we spent our time together

There is no more something called me,
Never to console, never to mess up,
Never to make you weep or to laugh
It’s all over, take care and good bye.