First, look at the below data.

The area where this stone pelting drama is happening is just five districts of Kashmir Valley. That area is 8.9% of Jammu and Kashmir excluding Aksai Chin and Illegal Kashmir and 25.54% of population. Compare with India, it’s .29% of area and .26% of population. So, what exactly are we seeing here? The protests are confined to a minuscule area  of India, an area obscenely overpopulated and with a rising population. Article 370 ensures that this area is mostly inbred with no non-local blood being infused into it.
For the ruckus created by .25% of India’s population, is it even worth our time to talk about it? It’s something for all the Indians, mainly the press and the political class to introspect over – why are we giving that much importance to something that trivial?
And to the army. What exactly is it proposing to do, in wake of such stiff opposition from local polity and opportunistic people? Can an army with hands tied behind it’s backs crush an open rebellion, albeit mercenary in nature? What exactly is the army, without support of the local governance and even press, supposed to do?
Take some things.
1. The protest is happening solely for money. Every stone-pelter is paid money. If the rat lines run across the border, choke them. If they originate on our side of the border, catch the culprits and indict them immediately. Ensure that the ratlines are not established again.
2. Create a split between the leadership and the foot soldiers. It is important to note that no one from the families of Geelani, Mirwaiz, Bandarbi and the rest are involved in the protests. They are using their influence and money power to destroy the families of others. If need be, bring in the family members forcibly by force to lead the masses. The hypocrisy will be out in no time.
3. Use of technology. When it is clearly known that the protests are organized through whatsapp, what’s the problem in using technology to counter that? What you need is one phone from a stone pelter. Communication, end-to-end, can’t be decrypted, but the member list in a group isn’t? Get the list of all the groups in his phone, take the list of all the users, drill down four or five levels for those users and make a list of all the users. Put a tab on them for a week or so, and in one fell swoop, capture them. They are not going to be more than 1000 or 2000. Give an option of a peaceful life elsewhere in India or a jail term in Kashmir Valley, they will automatically wilt. Note that a battle is fought with foot soldiers, not Generals. Take their armies away, Subutai or Rommel or Hannibal are but jokes. Do the same for Facebook and Twitter – a detailed profiling of their character can be made using these two public forums along with proofs.
What is lacking with us is the resilience – resilience in adapting and changing according to situation. If it needs looking at what others are doing – China, Israel, Russia and others, so be it.

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