Well, below is a list of the Grand Masters of Knights Templar. Going by the look of it, they are predominantly a French sect, with a French becoming the Grand Master almost always(Of the 22, 18 are French and 1 is from Burgundy). May be, the others became because they were very powerful or came during a period of vacuum. Well, going by the fact that it’s a military order where the Grand Masters led from the front(the number of field casualties is but an example of it), it is but natural people flocked to it spreading their flock and money. May be, they were skillful diplomats too, very soon, they were in good books of everyone and everyone was funding their enterprise. They reinvested the money into a banking system, giving loans to the high and mighty. But, they existed only till the Holy Land existed. Once they lost it, they were expendable – Christians were kicked out of the Holy Land in 1291 and the order came crashing down to earth in 1307. Well, with the loss of Holy Land, all those who took loans from them, led by Philip of France banded together and decided to crush the Order and loot it’s left over money. Two reasons for their destruction – loss of Holy Land and the high command is too much French meaning, they had less local contacts and none was ready to help them easily. And may be, the current Grand Master is a serf and the king was outraged that a low born is more powerful than him in his own kingdom? Note that, a similar fate befell the Teutonic Knights as well. May be, anyone aggressive were not left out after their core strength is gone?

# Name Time in office Death Ethnicity Stature
1 Hugues de Payens 1118–1136 Natural Death French Noble
2 Robert de Craon 1136–1147 Natural Death French Noble
3 Everard des Barres 1147–1151 Resigned French Normal
4 Bernard de Tremelay 1151–1153 Killed and Beheaded in Battle of Ascalon French Noble
5 André de Montbard 1153–1156 Natural Death French Normal
6 Bertrand de Blanchefort 1156–1169 Natural Death French Noble
7 Philip of Nablus 1169–1171 Resigned French Noble
8 Odo de St Amand 1171–1179 Captured in Battle of Marj Ayun, died in prison French Normal
9 Arnold of Torroja 1181–1184 Natural Death Spanish Normal
10 Gerard de Ridefort 1185–1189 Beheaded – Seige of Acre Flemish Normal
11 Robert de Sablé 1191–1193 Natural Death French Noble
12 Gilbert Erail 1193–1200 Natural Death Spanish Normal
13 Phillipe de Plessis 1201–1208 Natural Death French Normal
14 Guillaume de Chartres 1209–1219 Died of typhus, consequence of Seige of Damietta French Noble
15 Pedro de Montaigu 1218–1232 Natural Death French Noble
16 Armand de Périgord 1232–1244/47 Presumed dead or captured,  Battle of La Forbie 1244 French Noble
17 Guillaume de Sonnac 1247–1250 Killed in Battle of Fariskur French Noble
18 Renaud de Vichiers 1250–1256 Banished, died in a monastery French Normal
19 Thomas Bérard 1256–1273 Natural Death French Normal
20 Guillaume de Beaujeu 1273–1291 Died of Wounds – Fall of Tyre French Normal
21 Thibaud Gaudin 1291–1292 Natural death French Noble
22 Jacques de Molay 1292–1314 Deposed by the French King and Pope, tortured, arrested and executed Burgundy Normal