A nice one – a frustrated outrage by someone in Hyderabad assembly on 9th March 1953. But, seriously, you need to read the Telugu stuff.

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The speech of Rajpramukh is something like people in villages nodding their heads in agreement for his speech without knowing anything. When a debate is to happen, they said, they will provide translations. Not doing this is like building a house without foundation. How the government is being run, we should tell this to the people who elected us.  And people coming from those Taluqs like us should present our case here. To know the happenings here, we should be handed the translations in local languages. Else, it’s like teaching ‘Rama, Rama’ to a parrot. Even when a cat catches the parrot, it should also say these things. When the MLA from Warangal spoke in English and then switched over to Telugu. What we request is, every paper we get should be handed to us in local language. But, if you say, “We are not in a position to translate, get it translated from someone who knows English”, what should we say? That’s why every paper should be translated to us and given.