Something happened to HV Kamath on 18 Sep 1949. That day, he was literally biting anyone and everyone in the Constituent Assembly. The discussion below is for all to see. Can anyone throw any light on why he was like that, that day?


The Honourable Dr. B. R. Ambedkar (Bombay: General): Is it necessary to trace all this? I do not understand the purpose of it. It may be well Interesting in some other place. My Friend accepts the word “Bharat”. The only thing is that he has got an alternative. I am very sorry but there ought to be some sense of proportion, in view of the limited time before the House.

Shri H. V. Kamath : I hope it is not for Dr. Ambedkar to regulate the business of the House.


Mr. President’: So I take it that it is not a matter on which there need be long speeches. I do not think anything is gained by long speeches.

Shri H. V. Kamath: I want only five minutes.

Mr. President: You have already taken five minutes.

(Shri Shankarrao Deo rose.)

Shri H. V. Kamath: I need not obey you, Mr. Shankarrao Deo. I know the rules.


Mr. President: You can move one. I permitted you to move both of them, but I find that the two amendments are contradictory.

Shri H. V. Kamath: Are they contradictory, Sir? If you say they are contradictory, I have nothing to say.

Mr. President: Yes, if one is accepted, the other is ruled out.

Shri H. V. Kamath : My object is that if one is not accepted, the other may be accepted.

The Honourable Dr. B. R. Ambedkar: Why all this eloquence over it ?

Shri Shankarrao Deo : (Bombay : General) : There should be no arguing with the Chair.

Shri H. V. Kamath: I know the rules, Mr. Shankarrao Deo.


Shri H. V. Kamath: I bow to your ruling, Sir, but I do think……

The Honourable Shri N. Gopalaswami Ayyangar: (Madras : General) There can be no ‘but’.

Shri H. V. Kamath: If Mr. Ayyangar is so impatient……

Shri K. M. Munshi: Order, order.

Shri H. V. Kamath : It is not for Mr. Munshi to call me to order.


Mr. President: In place of clause (2) “that the territories thereof shall mean” is only a verbal amendment.

Shri. H. V. Kamath : I am sorry, Sir, you have not been able, to follow my amendment. It states “shall mean the territories”. I have moved the deletion of the words “territories thereof”. as Dr. Ambedkar’s amendment states “and the territories thereof shall be those.”

Mr. President : They shall mean only the territories and nothing else.

Shri H. V. Kamath: I am making out my point from the Schedule itself. I am not going to argue in the air. Unless the Schedule is altered,-that is a subsequent point for the House to decide,–I must take my stand on that.


Mr. President : I think your amendment arises on account of the fact that you do not know what form the First Schedule is going to take.

Shri H. V. Kamath : I take my stand on the Schedule as it stands Mr. President: We have not taken up the First Schedule and therefore, you do not know the change or the form in which the First Schedule is to be put.

Shri H. V. Kamath : Who is to know what is likely to be passed ? The best thing is to pass that Schedule first and take the other thing next.

Mr. President: May I read out the form in which the First Schedule will be placed before the House ?

“In Part I of the First Schedule, the following be substituted:

In Part I the names of the States are given. Only the names are given in the Schedule.

Then the territory of each of the States shall comprise such and such.”‘

Shri H. V. Kamath : I had not the benefit of this draft before me, and therefore I took my stand on the Schedule as it stands in the Constitution, and there was therefore no alternative but to move my amendment. Now that you have drawn my attention to the Schedule as it will be brought before the House and I hope will be accepted by the House,-in the light of that, there is no need for me to speak further on this amendment. I move both amendments, Sir, and commend them to the House for consideration and acceptance.