With regard to the current Ramjas College ruckus, there are a few things worth noting. Going by the cast of speakers they got, it’s clear that the intent was not a debate, but a ruckus. How convenient to challenge the government on Right to Freedom of Speech, meaning government muzzles dissent, that too at the time of elections?

We saw Church burnings during Delhi elections, we saw Award Waapsi drama during Bihar elections and now this. Why are we blind to a pattern? Let’s forget the pattern. Let’s look at this instance.
A group of people, who have got a pathological penchant for talking things anti-national are invited and someone from the college, with or without the support of ABVP submitted a petition to the college authorities to bar their entry. Well, as expected, all hell broke lose. The left unions all over Delhi descended upon the college protesting over the lack of right to freedom in the country. ABVP, as anticipated, pitched in support of those opposing the entry of these people, maily Umar Khalid. This, then, in a true leftist fashion, came to body blows, with left unions, with it’s woman foot soldiers in the front, started alleging police brutality. DCW gets involved, ministries get involved, and as wanted, this became a bloody mess. So, what went wrong here? What can be done to make situation more meaningful? After all, it’s a college protest. What’s the need for the country, our morality, prime time on TV to pitch in?
1. Establish a process that in case an undertrial is to be invited to a seminar, permission from Central Home Ministry or it’s designated delegate should be mandatory
2. For an event happening in a college, what are the outsiders doing, be it from AISA or ABVP? Doesn’t the college principal has the legal authority to evict all those who are not students of the college? Meaining, the college authorities should have absolute control over managing a college, and that includes controlling human traffic in and out of the campus.
23 The concept of this round of ruckus is provocation. And the target is achieved. I guess these sort of issues should be dealt with a cool head. Let there be a protest over this. Why bother? They will shout till their vocal chords split and then simply go home. Remember what happened to the kidnap of the Romanian Ambassador to India at the peak of Khalistani troubles.
4. When we know the list of campuses from which trouble is emanating, what’s stopping the government from installing security cameras? That sort of unclinching proof would have sorted the mess out long back.
5. Subsidy only for students who complete their degrees on time. All of them who fail or skip exams to continue in the college, they should be made to pay full fees.
6. The need for patriotic media. Supporting government is secondary, but, questioning the stand of the government on such issues should not be encouraged.
7. Any prime time debates, if there is support to sedition, what is being done to arrest them under relevant charges?
8. Effective applicability of CPC Conduct Rules for the staff and creation of a similar code of conduct for students
The government has got much to do to tackle these sort of problems. But, the question is, when will it.

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