Well, Pakistan decides India is a competition to it in every aspect and one of the very few areas where it succeeded is by blocking India’s entry into OIC. Well, as a consequence of this, Pakistan didn’t understand that OIC doesn’t have any moral authority to represent Indian Muslims whatsoever. The sham of this arrangement is clearly visible from the below table. The table contains the list of top 30 countries(excluding India) in descending order of Muslim population.
Below are the salient points –
1. India’s Muslim population is higher than any country in the world but two.
2. There are only ten countries in the world which has got a population greater than a province of India – Uttar Pradesh
3. 8 of Indian states have a population greater than every country in the world but 30.

The question is simple. With such an overwhelming Muslim presence in India, what sense does it make to block India from OIC? What happens if India declares OIC’s representation or support of Indian Muslims is illegal and block all avenues of religious interaction except pilgrimage? Can OIC afford such, alienating a powerful country with a progressive Muslim population? These are but open questions for the OIC countries to ponder over.

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