Well, a coin of Mahmud of Ghazni gives a very interesting perspective. Is he another local ruler who accepted the reality that he is in an overwhelmingly Hindu territory? Or has he accepted that Sanskrit and Sharada ruled the day? Or did he do this to flaunt his secular credentials? Or is it one of the first instances of indigenisation of Islam? Another important thing to note is, this coin is found in the heart of Kabul Shahi area(Lahore). Does that mean anything, except the devastating 13 wars fought between the both?


Arabic legend: Shahada followed by yamin al-daula wa amin mahmud al-milla
(Mahmud guardian of the faith)
Sanskrit legend in Sharada letters: avyaktameka muhammada avatar nripati mahamuda
(the Invisible is One, Muhammad is the manifestation, Mahmud the king)