Finally…after a search for years. Maqdoom’s iconic battle cry against the Razakar Movement in Hyderabad.

Ye jung hai jung-e-azadi, azadi ke parcham ke tale
Hum Hind ke rehne vaalonki, mehkoomonki, majbooronki,
Azadi ke matwaalonki, Dehkaanonki, majdooronki

Saara sansaar hamara hai
Purab paschim uttar dakhkhin
Hum Afrangi, Hum Amreeki
Hum Cheeni java jaane watan
Hum surkh sipahi julm shikan
Aahan payakar foulad badan

Voh jung hi kya voh aman hi kya
Dushman jisme taraaj na ho
Voh duniya duniya kya hogi
Jis duniya mein swaraj na ho
Voh azadi azadi kya
Mazdoor ka jisme raaj na ho

Lo surkh savera aata hai, azadi ka azadi ka
Gulnaar tarana gaata hai, azadi ka azadi ka
Dekho parcham lahrata hai, azadi ka azadi ka


This war is the war for freedom, under the banner of freedom
Of the people of Hind, of the condemned, of the helpless
Of those drunk in freedom, of the peasants and of the workers

The whole world is ours,
East, west, north and south,
We are Africans, we are Americans
We are from China fighting for their lands
We are the red soldiers fighting tyranny
With the bodies of steel all over

What is that war, what is that peace,
where the enemy is not plundered?
What is that world, which is a world
Where there is no freedom for all?
What sort of an independence is that,
Where there is no power for the worker?

Watch the new bright dawn, of freedom, of freedom
The music of flower blooms, of freedom, of freedom
See the flag flying high, of freedom, of freedom