If you know what to look and where to look, Indian scriptures give you tremendous information. Take for example, the list of Satavahana Emperors. Matsya Purana, in Chapter 273 gives a clear picture of the list of the rulers. And note, somewhere in the middle, there are these slokas which place them relatively –

महापद्माभिषेकात्तु यावज्जन्मपरीक्षितः।
एवं वर्षसहस्रन्तु ज्ञेयं पञ्चाशदुत्तरम् ।। २७३.३५

From the time of the birth of Parikshit to the coronation of Mahapadma, a time of 1500 years passed.

पौलौमास्तु तथान्ध्रास्तु महापद्मान्तरे पुनः।
अनन्तरं शतान्यष्टौ षट्त्रिंशत्तु समास्तथा ।। २७३.३६

And from the time of Mahapadma till the time of the last Satavahana, Pulomavi, it is 836 years. Another important thing to note is that, Matsyapurana gives the list of rulers of Magadha only. All other dynasties, like the Asmakas, the Kalingas, the Huns and so are given as passing references with no ruler names mentioned.

काण्वायनास्ततो भूपाः सुशर्माणः प्रसह्यताम्।
शुङ्गानाञ्चैव यच्छेषं क्षपित्वा तु बलीयसः ।। २७३.१

शिशुकोन्ध्रः सजातीयः प्राप्स्यतीमां वसुन्धराम्।
त्रयोविंशत् समाराजा शिशुकस्तु भविष्यति ।। २७३.२

The Andhra Sisuka with his fellow tribesmen, the servants of Susarman, will assail the Kanvayanas and Susarman, and destroy the remains of Kanva power and will obtain this earth. Now, the question is this. Sisuka or Srimukha toppled the Kanvas. Is he the first ruler of the dynasty or is he the first ruler from Magadha? When did their rule over Magadha end? But, note the importance given to them in Puranic genealogies. It surely tells that they ruled Magadha for a considerable period.

Now, to the list. The total reign is for 460 years.

Sisuka 23 years
Krishna, his brother 18 years
Srimallakarni 10 years
Purnotsanga 18 years
Skandasthambi 18 years
Santakarni 56 years
Lambodara 18 years
Apitika 12 years
Meghasvati 18 years
Svati 18 years
Skandasvati 7 years
Mrigendra Svatikarna 3 years
Kuntala Svatikarna 8 years
Svativarna 1 year
Ariktavarna 25 years
Hala 5 years
Mandulaka 5 years
Sundara Svatikarna 1 year
Chakora Svatikarna 6 months
Sivasvati 28 years
Gautamiputra 21 years
Puloma 28 years
Sivasri 7 years
Yajnasri Santikarnika 29 years
Vijaya 6 years
Chandasri Santikarna 10 years
Puloma 7 years

Satakarni is treated as a synonym for the Satavahanas itself. But, this list alternates between Santakarni and Svatikarna with one Svativarna. Gautamiputra is given as a name, not the real name, which seems to be Pudumayi from his mother’s Nasik inscription