The standard argument put forward is that the so-called Aryans, some barbarians, raided India and burnt the Indus Valley Civilization to ground and took their place. They created an artificial language, a proof of which is not found even after hundred years, they  selectively picked and interpreted sections from the Vedas to fit their definition. Well, there are some which question what they are saying. If the Aryans were outsiders, they won’t talk about praying Saraswati River to see that they never leave it’s banks.

Rig Veda 6.61

This hymn praises Saraswati. It clearly tells the river coming out of the hills, it’s might and it’s reference to the seven rivers(seven sisters). Specifically calling out this river indicates this is either the mightiest or the most important. And look at this section at the end

juṣasva naḥ sakhyā veśyā ca mā tvat kṣetrāṇyaraṇāni ghanma ||

Gladly accept our friendship and obedience: let us not go from thee to distant countries.

This tells, we are here, don’t let us migrate from here(may be an allusion to the river shrinking). If they know Saraswati as a mighty river in conjunction with seven other rivers(Indus, Sutlej, Jhelum, Ravi, Chenab, Beas and Yamuna?), they for sure are in this area long before the river dried up, which is well before Indus Valley Civilization turned extinct.

Baudhanya Srauta Sutra – 18.44

This talks about the children of Urvasi and Pururavas. Urvasi, after having children, threw them away. The king Pururavas questioned Urvasi one day. Note that it’s very similar to the birth of Bhishma in Mahabharata. Below is the section which talks about what happened after that.

sāyuṃ cāmāvasuṃ ca janayāṃ cakāra
sā hovācemau bibʰr̥temau sarvam āyur eṣyata iti
prāṅāyuḥ pravavrāja
tasyaite kurupañcālāḥ kāśividehā iti
etadāyavaṃ pravrājam pratyaṅ amāvasus tasyaite gandʰāraya sparśavo ‘rāṭṭā iti tad āmāvasavam

She generated two sons-Ayu and Amavasu. She said, “If you rear them; they shall live the full life.” Ayu moved towards the east. Kuru-Panchala and Kasi-Videha were his regions. This is the realm of Ayu. Amavasu proceeded towards the west. The Gandharis, Sparsus and Arattas were his regions. This is the realm of Amavasu.

One son went East and the other went West. Let’s forget the further ones like Aratta(Sumer) or Kasi. Kuru is Delhi area and Gandhara is Kandahar area. If Kandahar is West and Delhi is East, we can easily box the are a where Pururavas ruled and surely, it’s not Helsinki or Berlin as what the Europeans dreamt. Well, it can be if they are capable of identifying the same place names in that area.