Well, it looks like, these days, I am posting more in languages I don’t know and would need serious help in giving them a decent translation. Today’s case is about a few poems attributed to Kamban. Due to some reason, Kamban, estranged from his patron Rajaraja II Chola, migrated to the court of Prataparudra I of Warangal who wrested Vengi from the Cholas.

அவனிமுழு துண்டும் அயிரா வதத்துன்
பவனி தொழுவார் படுத்தும் -புவனி
உருத்திரா! உன்னுடைய ஓரங்கல் நாட்டிற்
குருத்திரா வாழைக் குழாம்!

Avani muluthundum ayira vathathun
Bhavani tholuvaar paduthum -bhuvani
uruthira unnadaiya Orangal naatti
Guruthira vaalai kulaam

It looks like the patronization of Prataparudra was such good that Kamban went in full praise of the Emperor and proffered to do menial services to him.

வில்லம்பு சொல்லம்பு மேதினியி லிரண்டுண்டு
வில்லம்பிற் சொல்லம்பே மேலதிகம்- வில்லம்பு
பட்டுதடா வென்மார்பிற் பாண்டியா நின்குலத்தைச்
சுட்டுதடா வென்வாயிற் சொல்

Villambu chollambu methiniyi lirandundu
Villampir chollambe meladhikam – villambu
Pattuthadaa venmaarpir Pandiya ninkulaththai
Suttuthadaa venvaayir Chol

And obviously, Kulothunga, a successor of Rajaraja was not happy when Kamban returned back. After all, whether for patronage or because of some personal slight, Kamban was ready to go to seek the shelter of a non-Tamil ruler and there is no way to tell whether the person who came back is a Kakatiya spy or not. It is said that Kulothunga released a tiger on Kamban and fired arrows at him acting as if he tried to kill the tiger.

மன்னவனு நீயோ வளநாடு முன்னதோ
உன்னை யறிந்தோ தமிழை யோதினேன்- என்னை
விரைந்தேற்றுக் கொள்ளாத வேந்துண்டோ வுண்டோ
குரங்கேற்றுக் கொள்ளாத கொம்பு.-

Mannavanu niyoo valanaadu munnatho
Unnai yarindho Tamilai yorhinen – ennai
Viraindherru kolladha vendhundo undo
Kurankerru kollatha kombu

An angry Kamban then cursed the Chola ruler that his kingdom will end in a short time. And true to his word, the Chola Empire became inconsequential during his reign itself and became extinct within decades of his passing away.