Well, on one side we have those omnipresent animal rights activists who prefer animal rights over everything else, a commendable job, if it doesn’t cross the borders of rationality and on the others, who are directly impacted because of that. Before jumping into the topic, there is this news of some villagers killing dogs in Kerala and it created a huge ruckus. The issue has become some dangerous there that there is no way forward except to sterilize or slaughter. With no resources to sterilize, what other option have the people got? With dogs hunting in packs everywhere and with them attacking the weak and infirm, can anyone even think of morality? What takes a precedene there – animal rights or human comfort? Well, I have a better option – we can catch all these strays and dump them in the areas where these animal rights activists live. Are they OK with that? Or, is it that personal comfort precedes someone else’s discomfort?
Well, then, about Jallikattu. It is a traditional Tamil sport where a person tames a bull. These animal rights activists have approached the Supreme Court and got it banned. And a Court doesn’t have any eyes and ears, it has only facts. Fine with that, going by the fact that you are hurting bulls both physicaly and mentally, you can ban it. PETA said,

Terrifying and injuring bulls is abuse, not sport, and this combined with the injuries and deaths of people common at Jallikattu events puts a bloody stain on India’s reputation in the eyes of the world.

But, then, slaughtering them for food, is it fine? Kamal Haasan questioned the same today.

If you want a ban on jallikattu, let’s also ban biryani

That, even, is not my argument. My problem is about what a farmer told.

Jallikattu inspired people to hold onto their bulls. Farmers provided extra care for the animal since the bull represents the pride of their family and community. If the ban continues there will be no incentive to hold on to the bulls

This is where my problem is. No one in the area where Jallikattu is practised uses oxen for farming. Banning Jallikattu will remove the only reason why people are not sending calves to slaughterhouses – they have got a reason to incur this expense with zero returns. Well, if milk is the only reason why the oxen should survive, you can always use artificial insemenation and for that, you don’t need that many oxen. And with that, we will be seeing magnification of genetic faults resulting in new health complications. That is what my problem is, with this decision – ban it in the name of animal rights, fine. But, will you help support the survival of the breed? Or is it my problem to help ensure the breed’s survival?

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