After trashing the Bahamani Sultanate, Sri Krishna Deva Raya turned his attention towards Kalinga. May be because of Kalinga’s support for rebellion in Udayagiri or may be to continue his exploits, he launched himself against Kalinga. Two armies marched, one through the southern route led by Timmarusu, may be through Srisailam-Panagal and one through the northern route via Warangal, led by the emperor in person. The Qutb Shah was defeated and he didn’t dare molest the Vijayanagar armies again during the campaign. Warangal was taken from Sitapatiraju or Shitab Khan and he ended up as a commander for the Oriyas. Both the armies converged on Kondapalli, the fort was invested and taken. The armies advanced on Cuttack itself before the Gajapati, due to a coincidental Muslim invasion from North forced him to surrender. The campaign was a spectacular success and the mood can be guaged from a folk song created in it’s aftermath –

Orugallu Manadi, Kondapalli Manadi
Kaadani Vaaduku Vaste Katakam Daaka Manadera
(Warangal is ours, Kondapalli is ours,
If you dare to dispute, even Cuttack is ours)

As a part of the war booty, he married a daughter of the Gajapati and as it looks, he treated her as a booty. May be, there is some truth in the legend that both of them had a daughter and someone assassinated their son. Timmarusu was doubted and was blinded in anger only to find out later that it was someone from the Oriya Court assassinated the boy. The king went into a sort of depression, both for the loss of his son and out of repentance for the punishment meted out to his mentor and died shortly. May be because of that he treated her badly.

Well, all things apart, it is said that the queen was shifted to Cumbum in the north and she spent all her life there. She is said to have composed a few lines in lament, five couplets, consisting of 11 lines in total, reproduced below, about her state. Well, don’t ask me the meaning of it, I am not that great in Sanskrit. If someone is considerate enough to share the meaning, please feel free.