To ensure survival of humanity, FAO declared a few crops as essential. The extinction of even one of these, it’s going to be serious trouble for some section of the world. It is surprising to see, say, breadfruit or coconut in the list. And I seriously want to know why Strawberry and Sunflower is included.That is simply because islands after islands in Polynesia survive only on them. This list is created as a part of International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. The table is reproduced below.

Crop Genus Observations
Breadfruit Artocarpus Breadfruit only
Asparagus Asparagus
Oat Avena
Beet Beta
Brassica complex Brassica et al. Genera included are: Brassica, Armoracia, Barbarea, Camelina, Crambe, Diplotaxis, Eruca, Isatis, Lepidium, Raphanobrassica, Raphanus, Rorippa, and Sinapis; this comprises oilseed and vegetable crops such as cabbage, rapeseed, mustard, cress, rocket, radish, and turnip; the species Lepidium meyenii (maca) is excluded
Pigeon Pea Cajanus
Chickpea Cicer
Citrus Citrus Genera Poncirus and Fortunella are included as root stock
Coconut Cocos
Major aroids Colocasia, Xanthosoma Major aroids include taro, cocoyam, dasheen and tannia
Carrot Daucus
Yams Dioscorea
Finger Millet Eleusine
Strawberry Fragaria
Sunflower Helianthus
Barley Hordeum
Sweet Potato Ipomoea
Grass pea Lathyrus
Lentil Lens
Apple Malus
Cassava Manihot Manihot esculenta only
Banana / Plantain Musa Except Musa textilis
Rice Oryza
Pearl Millet Pennisetum
Beans Phaseolus Except Phaseolus polyanthus
Pea Pisum
Rye Secale
Potato Solanum Section tuberosa included, except Solanum phureja
Eggplant Solanum Section melongena included
Sorghum Sorghum
Triticale Triticosecale
Wheat Triticum et al. Including Agropyron, Elymus, and Secale
Faba Bean / Vetch Vicia
Cowpea et al. Vigna
Maize Zea Excluding Zea perennis, Zea diploperennis, and Zea luxurians