I was reading this article and was intrigued at how the region level units performed on a few development parameters. Well, as far as I see, there is no comparison whatsoever between South India and BIMARU whatsoever on development metrics. The data is for all to see. GSDP as % of India for UP + Bihar is around 10-15%(similar to tax revenue) and needs to be corrected in the table.

Some serious questions arise out of this –
1. BIMARU states, even though they have double the population as that of South, they contribute the same to India as that of South India. Then, why does the Southern states get a paltry 5% from centre while these states get 12.5%? Note that other states combined get 6.5%. Note that North East makes sense because of the security situation there.
2. Now, compare the same with Tax Revenue as a % of total revenue collected by states. South is way ahead of BIMARU and even worse, having a population same as that of UP+Bihar, contributes three times the money.
3. Even, the Human Development Indicators take a beating for these states vis-a-vis South India.

There is no issue in these states getting this much money. But, the real question is, is the money being used productively or is it going down the drain. This story is happening for more than a quarter century and it’s high time we review minutely, why BIMARU states are still guzzling that much without even attempting to compete with South India. Also, something needs to be done seriously for North East as well.

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