Famous for his wit, one thing we are never supposed to forget regarding Tenali Ramakrishna is that he is an expert in at least five or six languages and his grasp on Telugu is such strong that two of his compositions list in the five of Telugu’s best(and toughest!!).

Well, there is this anecdote regarding him over how he humiliated a visiting poet. The visiting poet wrote a book by name Paathivrathya Pradarshini(A showcase of virtues of a woman) and came to get the opinion of Bhuvana Vijaya. The poet stated that he scrutinised several works to write this work and started to extoll it’s virtues. An irritated Tenali Rama asked the poet to stop lecturing and read out a verse which the poet feels blemishless. The poet started reading out a poem; Tenali Rama stopped him in the middle and said, if this is how you write, we can understand what’s there in the rest of the book. The king asked him what his interpretation is. Tenali Rama replied, if women will read this book, it will lead to a revolution. Men will be asked to cook, their advice will be disregarded and all and started to explain the poem.

Pathiki maaraadaka(Don’t disobey your husband) – Just ignore your husband. Don’t respond at all

Palumaru edvaka(Don’t cry for every reason) – You shouldn’t cry too many times. This means she should cry at least a few times and preferably at fixed times.

Aliyaka(Don’t complain that you are tired – do all the work enthusiastically) -Work only till you are tired. Even if all hell breaks loose afterwards, don’t work.

Migula Gayyaali gaaka(Don’t act like a shrew) – You shouldn’t become a shrew fully, but can be to some extent. Else, how can you control your husband?

All the court laughed heartily and a thoroughly humiliated poet had to be consoled by the king with gifts and titles.