I don’t know why I have this subconscious fixation with Ashwin Sanghi, but well, I am disappointed for the fourth time. All things apart, one day, I get bored and pop into a bookshop where I see this book prominently displayed. Always I forget Ashwin Sanghi and as like always, I didn’t look at the author and went by the subject. The subject looked interesting, but well,…

The book is a decent sized tome but even the author didn’t have a clarity of what he wanted to say. The story is supposed to be about the grave of Jesus in Rozabal in Kashmir and the dynastic descent of Jesus. The author attempted to write it as a journal as against a few synchronous strands, with sub chapters changing every few lines. The story revolves around a Catholic Priest who experiences some visions, and a Pakistani terrorist reporting to someone who reports to Laden. The priest has an aunt who is a sort of mystic and tells that the visions are from his older lives, one of them being that of Simon of Cyrene. He tries to find what this is all about, and comes across an old friend of his aunt who forces these things out of him. That man is killed the next day, by a lady killer and it’s a cat and mouse chase all over.

The terrorist plans something big and executes twelve major attacks in an attempt to recreate a Bibilical prophesy. The third is supposed to be a nuclear attack at the site of Armageddon according to the Christians. It turns out that even, Laden is funded by the church to bring common people near to god and uses that Japanese killer to achieve that aim. The absurdity starts then.

This finally turns out to be a fight between the Illuminati and the Church; with the church represented by a major Cardinal and the Illuminati, by the intelligence chiefs of  India, America and Israel along with the American President. Our cardinal, after being kidnapped by the Japanese killer and released catches hold of some documents which lead him to Rozabal, the keeper gives him a document written by Jesus himself and a modern translation of it done by a Russian. He is kidnapped by the Indian intelligence chief and is then dumped in the Illuminati headquarters somewhere in US.

There is another twist to this story – Karma. You do something this life to someone, you will face the same in the next life. Too much coincidences here with each person coming across the other multiple times. For example, the Priest turns out to be the bodygaurd of the wife of Indian intelligence chief, whom he kills and she breaks his legs in the next life. And she is the Japanese murderer in this life. The Priest is the brother of the Indian intelligence chief in the last life who was sacrificed to save his brother’s life. So, it is his turn now. When the priest was about to be executed, he takes the bullet and in the ensuing fight, the head of Illuminati – the American President is killed. The priest escapes somehow only to see that the instructions given by Jesus turn out to be the digital lock for the escape door. What nonsense? In the meanwhile, he sees that Pakistani terrorist and his twelve associates killed in the same way the disciples. The anti-Christ set up by the Church is destroyed, derailing their plans. As a last laugh, the nuclear bomb supposed to be exploded in Israel kills Laden and his cartel giving the Church another body blow.

The Japanese killer gets a change of heart and kills her handler who tells the story of his group, which is exactly identical to Da Vinci Code. Something happens to the Pakistani President and he gets the American, Israeli and Pakistani intelligence chiefs assasinated. Rationally, is it possible? American president killed, American, Israeli, Indian and Pakistani heads of intelligence killed, Laden killed and no one notices?

The story doesn’t end there. It turns out that the American President fakes death(is it possible, going by her security cover?) and is one of the descendants of Jesus’s three daughters. The other two being the Japanese killer and the Priest’s aunt and Mary Magdalene is a Jew whose family descended from a line of Hindu Priestesses. In a comedy of a scene in the end, all three women compete with each other to dish out philosophical garbage which doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Wonder why the author took such a strong subject line and destroyed it with such perfection…