We literally know nothing about Shitab Khan or Sitapatiraju. What we know is this. He is probably from a low caste and was a Bahamani Governor of Warangal area ruling from Warangal, Rachakonda and Khammam. Was he a reportee to Golconda or was he a reportee to the Bahamani crown, it’s hard to say. He declared independence from the Bahamanis and set his own court as in the likes of Bijapur or Golconda but was later subjugated by Quli Qtub Shah. It is possible Kalinga helped in his endeavours and once he lost his kingdom, he moved into Kalinga. This, we know for sure because he was last heard harrassing Srikrishna Deva Raya’s armies near Simhachalam. There is a famous inscription of his in Warangal fort, where he declared himself as the successor of Kakatiyas and as a proof of his distancing from Bahamanis, the inscription is written in Sanskrit. Most of the what we know regarding him is from the seminal work Shitab Khan of Warangal  by Hirananda Sastri.

Shitab Khan