After a long and boring day in office, I thought of going on a long drive, well what you call long if you are driving a scooty. One of my friends joined me and we thought of going to a beach. But due to the overcast skies, we decided to go elsewhere and turned towards Vandalur from Kelambakkam. That road was surprisingly busier than we thought though it had it’s share of bleak stretches, mainly in the reserve forest stretch. That road has two reserve forest stretches, one in the middle and other at the end near the zoo park. Now where to go is the question. Is it Tambaram and city or is it elsewhere. We decided on SRM University and cut in that direction. Being a major national highway at it’s peak weekend rush, it was a task to drive. Well, we reached the university, had a nice drive inside the campus and then decided to turn back. Which way to go? Tambaram? Guduvanchery? Chengalpattu? I can reach OMR from all three locations. We checked the map and decided to take Guduvanchery route. Before venturing in, we thought of having a coffee. Well, such was the fate. The road goes via Nellikuppam where it forks into two, both forks leading to Thiruporur, the southern fork going through even remoter areas than the first. The quality of the road was surprisingly good for such a thrown away area. No lights, no signboards and there are some thrown away villages here and there. In the start, there was some real estate ventures which dried up as we went further. Suddenly somewhere, we were caught in a bad rain. It was taunting us from the start but the downpour was too heavy. We stopped on the road side and when we saw there is no respite, we decided to remove the shirts and go forward. The rationale was to remove the vest and wear the shirt when it stops raining. We started driving, sometimes the rain was that hard that my eyes and face hurt with the force of the water. Once, we had to stop altogether. My friend tried to drive but gave up since he was not able to see through the glasses he was wearing. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, we had to go forward somehow or the other. There were some houses at least till Nellikuppam and once we crossed that, it was nothing but dark. Nothing was visible and it was hell scary when I turned off the headlights once. There were banyan trees, there were other big ones but we just went on driving. There was no way to know whether we were driving through a forest or through farmlands, but sometimes, you can feel the thickness of the trees. The rain subsided by then. At last, I saw a display board marking the end of the road – Thiruporur 9 km and Chengalpattu 18 km. We stopped there to take stock of the situation but I didn’t notice a police patrol a stone’s throw ahead of me. I saw a hesitant police stopping me. After two minutes of observing us(no shirts, fully drenched, that too when there is no rain, on a scooty), he asked for papers. I showed the RC book. He asked for Insurance. It was in a cover and I showed him. What was going on in his mind, no one can tell. He peered long at it using his torch. Then, he asked where are our shirts. We told, we were stuck in a bad rain and removed shirts. His superior tried to troll but I didn’t respond. He then asked were are you people coming from. I told from SRM University and my friend added to visit a friend there and I am to go to Karapakkam(wonder he knew where that was). One great thing happening there was, I was doing the talking, not the other guy. We were not taken seriously because of that – I don’t know Tamil whatsoever and the policeman noted my driving license as from Andhra. They simply told not to venture into these roads in dark, they are very dangerous and proceed to destination. Well, there was still ten kilometres of such road for us to hit civilization and we were stuck in rain once again, stopping for a coffee once at my office and once near my house before dispersing for the day.