It’s a road junction in the middle of a forest. Villages dot here and there but the traffic on those roads is near zero after dark. It’s a boring duty for him with the only way to pass time is by chatting with his companion who is his superior and to stop an occasional truck on the main road. No phone signals, no lights – he can neither talk with anyone nor can he pick a book and read. The only source of light he has – a small electric bulb and his torch light. It’s another day for him, he was waiting for the day to end so that he can go home and play with his children before going to sleep. Or so, he thought. That day, at one in the night, he suddenly saw a light coming on the smaller road of the junction and was surprised at that. Is it one light or more? Is his mind playing tricks on him? Then, he decided it is one light and it’s that of a two wheeler. He didn’t see a two wheeler on that road in the recent memory. After all, who would want to visit that god forsaken stretch of forested five kilometres with no habitation and no lights whatsoever? But, it happened. The light suddenly stopped fifty metres before him near the signpost. It was pitch dark in every direction and there is no way to know who are on the vehicle. Who are they? What are they doing at that point of time in such a place, a place famous for it’s banyan trees and tracks leading into the forests, which no sane man dares to go, forget in the night, even in the day? Being a god fearing man, he remembered the banyan trees first and then thought, are they humans first of all? The light started advancing after a while in his direction. Then, he sees two persons on a two wheeler, that too on a scooty, both without shirts and fully drenched, even if there is no rain whatsoever. Vehicle number TN11X 1734 – a number of Chennai city proper with area of registration at least fifty kilometres from where he is. That confuses and scares him even more. Unable to decide whether to stop them or not, he marshalls his wits and stops them with a throbbing heart. After all, he can’t be seen as a fool before his superior.