A phoenix is what it is, a cycle of death and birth
Or, is it an ouroboros with no start and end at all?
Contacts broken and contacts reestablished,
Why break them first and then try to restore?
Why so many feelings of separation and patch up?
Is it why or is it how many times we go through?

What does it take to complicate a life simple and happy,
What damage it wroughts on the ones separated?
Nothing is eternal, neither joy, nor sorrow nor patience
But never dare to see that the patience is gone for good

For once the patience is lost, man is but an animal
An animal ready to do whatever to achieve the ends
Is it care not to hurt one dear, or is it incompetence,
One wrong reading, it’s an animal you see, not the man

Never wait for the glass to break or the flower to wilt,
For once gone, it’s gone forever, never to come back
Never wait for the ice to melt or for the water to boil,
You can get it back, but always lesser than what it was

Life is not a game, life is not a show for all to see
Be mature, be reasonable and be more responsible
For the fruits you get for immaturity and childishness
Are far different to what you can ever dream of