Brexit Camp: EU is making half our laws and is forcing us to do all those things we don’t want to do as Britishers. Using this thing called Europe Free Zone, people from all over are coming and snatching our jobs. The huge numbers who are coming in are even changing the demographics of this country. As a corollary, they are even eating into our social security which we are providing to you Britishers. As if all this is not sufficient, they are annually demanding almost ten billion pounds per annum from us. This is a great opportunity for us to come out of this hegemony and free ourselves. Let 23 June be our independence day. Hail a new world with a free Britain where we can decide what we want to be!!
An 18 year old hears this speech and tells it to his mother
Son: Mom, there is going to be a referendum to ask whether we should vote for independence of Britain from EU or not. None of our politicians and the rich are supporting it. It means that they will get even richer and we poorer if we stay in EU.
Mother: OK son. We will do it.
Both of them vote to come out of EU and while turning back, stop for a coffee.
Mother: Son, by the way, what is Brexit?
Son: Exit of Britain from EU. It’s that simple.
Mother: What is EU?
Son: It’s…It’s…Saying that I never thought about EU at all. People told coming out of EU will give us jobs and independence. Better we go and check what this is all about
They come back and the son starts googling.
What is EU?
What is Brexit?
What is Bremain?
What will happen in Britain comes out of EU?
Well, next day, he launches a petition for a rereferendum.