The obnoxious Brits have done it, yet again. As a race, they see only their superiority and their interests. Well, to put rightly,their sense of righteousness always defy logic and common sense.
Take, for example, the Second World War. Let’s forget how they maneuvered a confrontation. Let’s just look at the trigger. No way to fulfil it’s promise, Britain promises Poland territorial integrity. And in return, Poland decides to dare the Corporal by rejecting his right over a Polish administered, German majority Danzig. The whole world burning in response to that and Britain losing all it’s colonies in no time after that are but trivialities worth remembering.
Coming to the problem of the day. Someone shouted hoarse that Europeans are taking away jobs in Britain. That they are eating into British social funding and Britain is becoming poor and dangerous. May be, they are true. But, they forgot one single thing. What of the Brits who decided greener patches are in EU?
The divisiveness of the society over this stark. Illogical Brits fed on paranoia versus logical Brits turned out to be a victory for the illogical group. Though it is offensive to call them illogical, I have got my reasons to call them such.
A thrown away island called Britain, approachable only through Europe decides to go independent. This means it won’t be a part of the EU free economic zone. And being a net importer with no production of it’s own, it’s going to be interesting to watch who will sell them tomatoes and lettuce for their English Breakfast. A Dutch will prefer to sell his tomatoes now in France as against Norwich simply because he need not apply for a VISA and he need not pay import and export duties in France. If procuring tomatoes itself is going to be that tough,there is nothing to tax your brain if you want to think about what’s going to happen to the other stuff.
The losing camp understood this. Not being a part of Europe is going to hurt investment based in Britain much. Take one simple example. Due to the comfort of language, Indians tend to open their offices in Britain and use that as a launchpad for Europe business. Now that Europe is closed, they will migrate to greener patches. Loss of taxes, loss of jobs is but a natural consequence.
Let’s talk about the jobs. Booting out the Poles will give them jobs. No problem. But, to be serious, how many Brits are ready to lap upon those jobs, mainly menial labour? Cameron is gone and Johnson may be the next. If VISA norms are not loosened, who will do all those jobs? Those who are lazily picking up social benefits, will they stretch up to help their country?
As it seems, the fears of Brexit completely turned unfounded. Sensex rebounding 450 points is but an indication of that – it’s panic selling and nothing more. After all, when Tata Steel crashed, the share price of SAIL should rise. Loss of one steel company should be gain of another!!
As a closing note, I will try to make a list of some things which can happen as a result of this referendum.
1. Cameron did an Alex Salmond. This means Britain will come out.
2. Global share indices will rebound double speed. Today is the best day after Modi’s victory to enter share market.
3. Pound will take a hell lot if time to recover
4. Ease in VISA norms to counterbalance the loss of trade and tourism from Europe. Ironically, there is nothing for England to show as world class tourist spots except a handful of museums and that industry is going to take a big hit. The results in Brighton and London show that. This also means reduced flight charges.
5. Moving of big ticket investments out of England. The market size suddenly became 50 million from 550 million
6. Increased secession noises from Scotland. The Scots overwhelmingly voted for union and they were unceremoniously shooed away
7. Increased chance of India catching hold of Vijay Mallya. After all, the Brits need friends now.
8. Will NATO move out of London? Will the Germans and the French force it?
9. Gibraltar will be more interesting to see. Cut off from everything, it’s going to be a nightmare staying there. Will the colonizers prefer Britain or Spain now? Will Spain act in that direction?
Well, there are many questions and the next few months will tell how the wind is blowing.