Peace of Westphalia was a series of peace treaties resulting in the independence of the Dutch Republic which was extracted from Spain. One of the main carry forwards from this treaties is the concept of Sovereignty as implemented in the present day world –
1. The principle of the sovereignty of states and the fundamental right of political self determination
2. The principle of legal equality between states
3. The principle of non-intervention of one state in the internal affairs of another state

Well, realistically to speak, these are just idealisms followed only if the stronger country is not strong enough to impose it’s will on anyone else. Note that imperialism was in full swing from the time these principles were accepted in the Western World. Leaving the world, but looking in Europe itself, the territorial dismemberment of Ottoman Sultanate with active interference of various countries is nothing more than violation of the point one. And it is but a point of historic interest for everyone that the actual powder keg for the First World War was because of Serbia’s stand after the murder of Austro-Hungarian Crown Prince. Degermanization of Eastern Europe after Second World War is another. All history proved that these principles are a convenience to hide behind while their violation elsewhere is not looked into seriously.
The Arab Spring happening today is a great example of this and none better than Gaddafi, who is not in good books of the stronger entity. Even if it is internal to Libya, the cause of greater good where the government has got the legitimacy to rule is toppled, a government which legitimately ruled the country for more than four decades. To facilitate the situation, a rebellion is created in the country and the same is shown as a cause. Both the points – one and three are discarded just because they are a hindrance in their greater scheme.
Now, coming to the second point. It simply means that Pope Francis of Vatican City representing 1000 people and Narendra Modi representing million times more people are equal. No concern to the responsibility, no concern to the size and representation. Even though India is the in the largest ten in the world in almost everything – area, population, military strength, GDP, industrial output, India is no more important than any other midget in any international forum. Rather than deciding things over proportional representation, we are doing a disservice to the world by alienating large and powerful but developing countries. China dared the world and forced itself into the list of the most powerful countries and India didn’t do that. The result of that was, Tibet lost it’s independence, Korea is split and there is a spurt in pollution and unwanted militarisation. In an arena full of international crabs where one pulls the others down or rather, the few crabs which climbed to the top ensure that the rest doesn’t climb up, China’s way forward looks the only way for a country to prove it’s mettle.