As a restaurant, how do these big hotels tick? There is no proper courtesy from the staff, there is no range in menu, thee seating is not that different from a regular, albeit high end one, there is no patronage – is this a necessary but loss making overhead for the hotel?
A few days ago, I was in a high end multinational hotel. We selected the restaurant because of the views of the city it provided. Well, it was a counter-climax from the time we entered. No one told at the time of booking that you should come only with your toes covered, in smart casuals. The response of the support staff was atrocious. These paper Hotel Management people, they just think things happen according to what is taught to them in the class room. Is there a scope of an oversight, is there a scope of mistake, they can’t understand. After a condescending stare against the dress, she told you are not allowed without shoes. She didn’t even have the brains to understand that a person coming casually to that hotel and talking in perfect and nearly accentless English didn’t come there by saving months of his income for a meal. And no eye for the quality or cost of the dress. What I wore was about 10000.
Well, we reached the restaurant area. We were made to wait at the entrance while this lady went to procure the person who took our order. No customer courtesy there – nothing like please wait here, nothing like please sit here while we sort the matter out. We stood there patiently waiting while the one who took the order came. At one point, I asked my companion the time and told that exactly five minutes after, I am going to ask for the feedback form before turning back. She says then, it’s a mistake from our side that you weren’t informed of the dress code. She was courteous enough but her management skills took a toss when he asked us to take a corner seat so that no one can see us.  I repeated the same line sarcastically “Please sit at a corner so that no one can see you” and told that I am going to write the same thing in the feedback form. That subdued her considerably and offered us a seat of our choice.
Next comes the menu. The menu was much sparse than that of a regular hotel. Well, the taste was excellent and there was no question there. There was a dedicated attendant to handle the needs, but well, how much can you spend in any hotel, if you don’t drink? On top of that, it looked as if it’s a paper show off – no one except the floor managers had proper English. And the bill? A paltry 3500 for two.
All done, the floor manager came to our place to offer her apologies and a dessert as a compensation. It looked like the threat of feedback, the quality of our English and our public behaviour did the trick. She got a nice harangue from my companion. A few photos and it’s time to turn back. When we went down and were waiting for the cab, the first lady crossed us. The expression on her face clearly said she got a dressing from upstairs in the ensuing time.  
The bottom line is this – a happy meal ruined but a day well spent. If not for the snobishness of those paper diplomas in hotel management without any concern regarding customer satisfaction, everything looked perfect that day.