Siddham or Siddhamatraka is a precursor of the current Devanagari Script. The meaning of the word Siddham is perfected. It can indicate that this is a planned and developed script as against natural evolution of alphabet. The timing of existence of this script, 600-1200 AD coincided with India’s peak interaction with China and the Far East as the primary script of Buddhist literature. Consequently, it is still used as a religious script in the East. For example, it is still taught in Japan as Bonji Script. For all practical purposes, along with Ranjana, Siddham can be considered as the only two Indian scripts where calligraphy is practiced.


clip_image001 clip_image002 clip_image003 clip_image004 clip_image005 clip_image006 clip_image007
a अ ā आ i इ ī ई u उ ū ऊ e ए
clip_image008 clip_image009 clip_image010 clip_image011 clip_image012 clip_image013
ai ऐ o ओ au औ aṃ अं
aḥ अः
ṛ ऋ
Extra Vowels clip_image014 clip_image015 clip_image016
ṝ ॠ ḷ ऌ ḹ ॡ

Vowels combined with Ka

clip_image017 clip_image018 clip_image019 clip_image020 clip_image021 clip_image022 clip_image023
k क् kā का ki कि kī की ku कु kū कू ke के
clip_image024 clip_image025 clip_image026 clip_image027 clip_image028 clip_image029
kai कै ko को kau कौ kaṃ कं kaḥ कः kṛ कृ


unvoiced voiced nasal
plain aspirated plain aspirated
Velar clip_image030 clip_image031 clip_image032 clip_image033 clip_image034
ka क kha ख ga ग gha घ ṅa ङ
palatal clip_image035 clip_image036 clip_image037 clip_image038 clip_image039 clip_image040


ca च cha छ * ja ज jha झ ña ञ
retroflex clip_image042 clip_image043 clip_image044 clip_image045 clip_image046
ṭa ट ṭha ठ ḍa ड ḍha ढ * ṇa ण
dental clip_image047 clip_image048 clip_image049 clip_image050 clip_image051
ta त tha थ da द dha ध na न
labial clip_image052 clip_image053 clip_image054 clip_image055 clip_image056
pa प pha फ ba ब bha भ ma म
semivowels clip_image057 clip_image058 clip_image059 clip_image060
ya य ra र la ल va व
spirants clip_image061 clip_image062 clip_image063 clip_image064
śa श ṣa ष sa स ha ह
conjuncts clip_image065
kṣa क्ष

Combined Consonants

unvoiced voiced nasal
plain aspirated plain aspirated
Velar clip_image066 clip_image067 clip_image068 clip_image069 clip_image070
ka kha ga gha
palatal clip_image071 clip_image072 clip_image073 clip_image074 clip_image075
ca cha ja jha ña
retroflex clip_image076 clip_image077 clip_image078 clip_image079 clip_image080
ṭa ṭha ḍa ḍha * ṇa
dental clip_image081 clip_image082 clip_image083 clip_image084 clip_image085
ta tha da dha na
labial clip_image086 clip_image087 clip_image088 clip_image089 clip_image090
pa pha ba bha ma
semivowels clip_image091 clip_image092 clip_image093 clip_image094
ya ra la va
spirants clip_image095 clip_image096 clip_image097 clip_image098
śa ṣa sa ha