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These days, I am experimenting with a friend of mine over how the concept of breaking the resolve works. The concept is simple. First, create a story. Then, emotionally drain a person using it till he surrenders completely. Take his case. We tagged him to a girl. Whatever he does, consciously or subconsciously will be construed as something of a consequence of his new lady love. He stares into nowhere, we call it longing. He says something, we call it deceiving his family and so on.

See the dangers of this. If his mental resolve is weak, he will crumble fast. Same will happen if he has an unhappy marriage. In this case, he has a happy married life with a year old kid. It may take some effort to break him, but a continuous onslaught on a very large scale is going to fry him emotionally and shatter his defences. This is not the first time a person fell into such a trap and this is not going to be the last.

My intentions were playful – I never wanted to harm him or mess up his life. When I felt that he is bending to our will (I may be wrong here), I clearly told him we are playing with him and don’t take any of this seriously. And now, look at this. If I really wanted to mess up his life? Or if I am doing it with a purpose – some family or personal grudge, someone paid me to do it or such? Far away from his family, who is going to save him from eternal damnation?

This can happen in many ways both official and personal. We saw one case here. Another is being aggressive in official dealing – not accepting your mistake and bludgeon someone till they take the blame. Another is Gandhi’s style of non-cooperation. Well, there are many ways you can do it, but the final aim is same – the person before you should say I SURRENDER, after being incapable of taking any more mental pressure.

Stockholm Syndrome or Lima Syndrome is the next level where a captive and the capturer bond with each other.

Now, take this to the next higher plane – mass psychosis. Take the classic case of Jonestown Mass Suicide. 909 people committed suicide that day. This is a mass hysteria arising out of the nonsensical talk of Jim Jones who proposed mass suicide as an alternate to forced dispersal. And then, to the next higher level – Government Propaganda. Nothing can be more apt for this than the word Goebbelsian.

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it

There are some great examples like this, which sadly, worked and some like that of al Sahaf, titled by all Comical Ali who ran the show of Lord Haw Haw for Saddam Hussein during his fall which utterly failed from Iraq’s perspective simply because people didn’t see the message he conveyed, but found an entertainer in him. But think of the consequences if it works. Countries are destroyed just for fun. Lives are at stake. And all of this because of a small lie used perfectly and at the most apt time.