Anger is one of those fundamental human traits, or rather one of those fundamental traits of any animal which reveals itself every now and then distorting the peace and balance in life. Being a violent emotion, it always carries negative energy with it, resulting almost always in a loss – either you suppress it and you take severe mental strain or you show it off with unpleasant consequences. The anger will do it’s work and only once it is done, the parties involved will think whether the anger is just or not.
Now take the case of a colleague of mine. Assuming there are five categories of people based on their spending(people who waste money, people who spend money, people who save money, people who are misers and people who are misers to the extent of starving), he comes between miser and a starving miser. He is filthy rich and there is no reason for him to behave such with regard to money. This attitude of starving himself and not giving in to the petty pleasures of his family, it looks like he is punishing him and his family for some mistake which happened in the past. That anger arising out of that mistake is eating him from inside but he is not ready to accept the mistake. Who committed the mistake and why it happened, and why is he that angry over that, that takes a back seat only when he accepts the reality –  a mistake happened and because of that mistake, he is angry. Once he is able to accept that, everything else is a chain of events which will reveal themselves as time passes – he understands why he is angry, he accepts that a mistake happened and then he acts upon the mistake – either he forgives or he asks for forgiveness.
From morning yesterday, he was arguing that god doesn’t exist. If he exists, he will make me more rich – his definition of being happy. But, what he forgot was god doesn’t give you money in a silver platter. He gives you two hands and a brain to work and earn your money. He tells you to be content with what you have, not long for unnneded riches. In his case, it is clear that this contentment is what is missing and he is masking it as money. Even though he is not content because of which he is acting as a masochist, he has modulated his thought process that effectively that the root cause of his unhappiness is not his anger over some past wrong but money. And he is not in a position to understand the level of harm it is doing to his body, both mentally and physically.
The only way forward for him to achieve mental peace is to introspect what went wrong, why he is angry and what should he done to correct the wrong with a cool head. It may take some time to amass the moral courage to do that but the day he does that and tries to understand what really happened and what he did to mask it, he will be a changed man. The day he does that, he will forget completely about money and starts acting rationally. Money is transitory. One day you may be rich and on another, you are poor. But, it’s the mental satisfaction which makes or breaks your life.