Nearing thirty, with seven plus years working monotonously and personal life in shambles, it’s a time to introspect – well, introspect the past less and to chalk a path in future. One of my professors in college told, your history can never be your future. Simple and perfect – no point crying over spilt milk, learn not to spill it in future.

Life is a bundle of mistakes one after the other, lost opportunities, lost or left out – some deliberate and some unknowing. Anything can go wrong in life except two things – selection of choice of work and selection of life partner. If they go wrong, your life is permanently messed up for sure. Even if you try to wriggle out somehow, take it for granted, you will be taking a nice beating which you can never forget. If I look back, I can count five serious mistakes in my life and I would pray none will have to face them.

Well, all is past now.

Whatever the professional options available, below are the main things I will have to have to settle in life –

1. A dead bank balance of a crore. I am never to touch the principal. Only half the interest is for use. The first target should be this.

2. A buying spree of houses or apartments, at least three from now on – buy them on loan, clear it, show the first house as surety and take a second one. When I finally decide to retire, I will be having another source of stable income. If I feel the apartment I am staying is smaller, I will sell two and buy a bigger one, keeping the third for rent.

3. Around one lakh or two as a play thing per annum – for pleasure, for stamps and books, for shares and whatever.

4. Any plans for business or investment should have sufficient money or sources of income.

5. A nice bunch of friends to share things and rely upon, both as friends and mentors. Relations stay happy only till the time there are no expectations.

All looks set at this point unless fate, as is it’s wont, turns it topsy-turvy.

Professionally, the options available – maintain the status quo, change the company, change the field, study more, get certified – all of them are going to be violent but status quo is what I prefer on the moment.