Only under a dictator like that of the Corporal, we see ineligible sycophants becoming powerful persons. One of his most famous sycophants was his chauffer Sepp Dietrich.
How colourful his personal life may be, let’s forget about it for good. His experience as a coachman early in life helped him earn the post of a horse driver in the Bavarian Army before the First World War.  But, well, hard work didn’t suit him and he had to leave due to ill health. Then, with he change in the meaning of cavalry, he joined the Bavarian tank corps and received medals till Iron Cross 1st class. After searching for jobs all over after the First World War including waiter, policeman, foreman, farm labourer, petrol station attendant and customs officer, Dietrich hit a jackpot when he became the head of Hitler’s bodygaurd and chauffer in 1928. It looks like that was his qualification to become a member of Riechstag in 1930.  His career meteored after the Night of Long Knives where he played a major role, with him becoming the head of a Panzer Division in the rank of a General and a member of Prussian State Council. He was powerful enough to oppose his boss, the Chicken Farmer.
During Second World War, he led his Panzer Division in the invasion of France successfully and then Greece and Yugoslavia before being promoted to command the 1st SS Panzer Corps and attached to Army Group Centre. He operated in Italy and then in France commanding the 5th Panzer Army. Seeing his success, the Corporal created the Sixth Panzer Army for him and made him the commander of it. Well, everyone except the Corporal knew that Dietrich was overpromoted and it was always seen to that he had competent support staff. It is said that he didn’t even know how to read a military map. Rundstedt declared that he is decent but stupid and his Chief of Staff at Bulge told he is not a strategic genius. Ironically, the continuous losses of Germany made him think of his sycophancy and told his operational commander Rommel that he would support him if Rommel initiates peace talks with the Americans. He had the guts to tell the Corporal that he is taking Germany to it’s doom.
Even after the failure of the Battle of Bulge which was the Nazi Germany’s last gasp, the Corporal still dreamt of winning the war. Accordingly, he assigned Deitrich’s Panzer Army which was badly bruised in Bulge to the Battle of Budapest. They were incapable of holding their position and the Corporal, in anger, ordered Dietrich and other SS officers to remove their cuff titles. It is reputed that Dietrich placed his in a chamberpot and forwarded it to the Corporal. Well, going by his sycophancy, it may be an urban myth as well. Then he operated in Vienna, where he is reputed to have said “We call ourselves the 6th Panzer Army because we have just six panzers left”. He surrendered to the Americans after the war and was arrested before being released for ill health in 1958. He died ten years after that.