A barebones account – clear and crisp. No story of his personal heroics or Raghunatha Rao’s generalship.

Nizam Ali Khan marched on Rakisbori with his whole army, to cross the Godavari. He himself, with eight hundred Patan cavalry, had already gained the north bank; the remainder, being about four thousand men, composed of cavalry, infantry, and guns, under Vitala Sunder and  Vinayak Das, were still on the south bank on the 28th of Mohram (11th August). In this situation, after a march of eight coss (sixteen miles), our light troops suddenly came upon the enemy, who drew up to receive us. An action ensued, which lasted four ghatikas (about an hour and a-half). The enemy behaved with great spirit, but was defeated. Vitala Sunder’s head was cut off. Vinayik Dass’s body was also found among the slain, besides several other officers who were killed. About three hundred Patans were left dead on the field. Morad Khan and some officers of distinction have been made prisoners. A portion fled and escaped ; but of those who attempted to swim the river many were drowned. The enemy’s camp equipage has all fallen into our hands. Twenty guns, besides magazines of powder, rockets, balls and lead, have  also been captured, as well as fifteen elephants.
On our part, Madhaji Nayak Nimbalkar and Kulaji Rao Patankar were killed ; in addition to some other chiefs. We have also a long list of wounded, but by the favour of God we gained the victory. Bhosla has joined.